Is Facebook Destroying Friendship?

IsFacebook Destroying Friendship?

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According to the recent by pew Research centre, with Facebook, people tend to accumulate more friends without a specific reason. The report records that most people who do this usually do it for fun (Jantz Par 1).

The article notes that an individual can continually have a larger group. This group tends to increase

The thought of the group increasing brings about a question on the number of friends that one individual can realistically have

In a previous research by Robin Dunbar in 1993, it usually takes some time to make new friends. Therefore, by accepting a friend request that does not presuppose the other individual is a friend (Jantz par 2).

The article hopes to make it clear that an individual who accepts a friend request does not intentionally become a friend.

It takes a longer time to create and maintain friendship.

The research by Pew Research centre also notes that on average an individual can have about 338 friends while the research by Dunbar noted that on average, the friends that one can have are about 150. The research also adds that the things these Facebook friends would do is limited

Surely, it does not make any sense to have so many friends. In fact, the research posses the query that we probably could be losing valuable time by investing so much time on Facebook

Friendship is rather a bond that need to be tended and cultivated to mature and by forming such huge friendship circle on Facebook it does not necessarily imply those people will be our friends


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