Introduction to College Writing

Introductionto College Writing


Introductionto College Writing

Myname is Sulaiman Almuhraib. I live in the state of Utah, UnitedStates. I am a second year college student, majoring in InternationalBusiness. Thus far, I believe my writing experiences are good. I havebeen able to engage myself as a writer besides establishing theinsightful awareness required for victory in a broad array of writingexperiences. To become a good writer, one must engage in the art ofwriting because writing necessitates practice. So far, I have hadchances to write in and outside of the classroom. These encompassformal assignments, non-evaluated and informal work including roughdrafts, research blogs, and peer responses. This has given me ampleexperience, through which I have been able to improve my writingskills. As a writer, my strengths include paragraph and sentencewriting skills, use of correct grammar, as well as the capability toproofread any article I have written. My weaknesses include problemswith punctuation which I am working on. What I like about writing isthat it always gives me an opportunity to improve my skills andenhances my critical thinking capability.

Mypersonal approach to writing entails writing frequently, receivingcomments on my writing as well as commenting on other people’swork, and using academic writing conventions such as integratingsources, the library and the citation system. I also take part inexigent readings besides putting the ideas of other people into myown discussions. I believe that in this twenty first century, writingimplies composing in a broad array of digital and print basedsettings. As a result, I am encouraged to take part in onlinesettings as this is suitable.

Inorder to write effectively, I have to make a number of choices, whichare determined by my purpose, audience, and subject matter. I alsotake responsibility of the materials I write considering thatlanguage has repercussions. In a nutshell, I have embraced writing asa lifetime practice by taking writing as a form of inquiry.