Interview with Person of Interest

Interviewwith Person of Interest

Oneof the individuals whose life I am particularly interested about isAbdul Hassan, a 25 year old cousin who hails from Taif but currentlylives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As much as the initial interest mayhave come naturally as a result of my personal relations to him, hisaccomplishment at such a young age have always held me in awe. Hislaid back demeanor often hides the intense determination that hascharacterized his life’s accomplishments both professionally andacademically.

Hassanalready holds a bachelors’ degree in computer engineering at KingAbdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. Underlining his determinationis the fact that Hassan excelled in his studies scoring 3.77 GPA outof a possible 4. This may have been triggered by the fact that he wasalways interested in the workings of computers, in which casecomputer technology and engineering has always been his passion.Indeed, right from a young age, he was known to dismantle differenttypes of electronics including radios and even old televisions simplyout of curiosity about how they functioned. In some instances, suchescapades resulted in proper functioning of the items, whilesometimes they would be destroyed in the process. Initially, suchactions used to attract the wrath of his seniors. However, theyeventually came to understand that his passion was in electronics andnot only supported him in academics but also used to bring him oldelectronics with which he would practice. While these formed thebasis for a career in electrical engineering, his interest incomputers may have been piqued by the increased utilization of themachines in almost every aspect of the contemporary human society.Indeed, it would be difficult to think of any activity carried out inthe contemporary society that does not require the use of computers.His determination saw him get into the relatively new field andemerge with exemplary results. Hassan obtained a job at a relative’scompany, where he used to design websites for clients, a task that heenjoyed thoroughly in spite of its seemingly monotonous nature. Aquick look at some of the websites that he designed underlines hiscreativity and innovation in coming up with products that would beeffective and attractive as well.

Onthe same note, Hassan acknowledged that one of the key requirementsfor success in one’s life revolves around the choice of theacademic institution in which one pursues his or her education. Asmuch as he had done his computer engineering course in King AbdulazizUniversity, he went ahead to select California State UniversityFullerton, an institution that is leading as far as low cost,diversity, educational impact and low student indebtedness. Theinstitution is known to power the local economy and offer itsstudents increased access to world-class education. Every aspect ofthe educational institution was bound to have a ripple effect on thecharacteristics that were imbued in him. For instance, the diversityprevalent in the institution meant that Hassan would be overlyexposed to other cultures, in which case he could work in almost anycountry and still fit in. In addition, the enhanced educationalimpact means that only the most applicable information and knowledgewas imparted in the students, which increased their capacity to beinnovative and useful in the contemporary human society. The exposurealso made him more open-minded and imbued in him the capacity torespect individuals for who they are irrespective of the culturesfrom which they come.

Ofparticular note is the fact that he went to the United States afteralready clearing his bachelors’ degree. This raises the question onwhether he would have preferred to come to the country at a youngerage. As much as he would recommend studying abroad, he notes that itis much better when an individual goes to another country afterattaining his bachelor’s degree, in which case he or she would bepursuing a Masters degree. While it is not always the case with alarge number of people, it is noted that individuals who go to theUnited States at a young age often have problems fitting in as aresult of the fast pace of life. This predisposes them to makingfundamentally wrong decisions whose effects may be felt years afterthey were made. It goes without saying that older individuals may bemore focused to their goals and are likely to weigh decisions beforemaking them or committing themselves to them in the short-term andthe long-term. The fact that Hassan thought of this and actualized itunderlines his calculating capabilities.

Asmuch as there may have been questions regarding some decisions thathe may have made in the course of his life, it is evident that thegentleman attracts the admiration of a large number of people.Indeed, it is easy to be captivated by the confidence and warm candorthat he exhibits even in instances where he is talking to strangers.In spite of the fact that he is particularly reserved, calm and softspoken, he often has no problem mingling and interacting with peopleirrespective of the existing differences between their cultures. Thismakes him pretty likable, in which case it is not surprising that hemakes friends at almost every stage in his life. While a large numberof people have problems keeping up with their friends when they moveto another stage, Hassan has exhibited immense capability to keepcontact. It is this capability that inspired and enabled him to go tothe United States as a large number of individuals with whom he wasschooling were already in the country pursuing different ventures.