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Homelessness refers to the lackof regular residence. It is a big challenge that many states facedespite their struggle to rid it. Homelessness is associated withpoverty. The homeless refer to the poor people within the society.Research shows the issue of homelessness in the United States is onthe rise. The rate at which poverty increases in the United States,show a high probability on the rise of homelessness. Over 3.5millionare found to spend their nights under the bridges, in shelters, cars,and parks (Blau72). Peoplein the United States give food their first priority before they couldconsider housing. Their preference for food rather than housing isbecause of the high living, which they find it hard to manage.

Inthe recent years, many socioeconomic and political factors arebelieved to contribute to the rising of homelessness in the UnitedStates. Among the economic factors, include low incomes of thecitizens. The low income cannot enable them cater for all their needseither food or shelter. The other economic factor is the lack ofaffordable medical care. Families living below the poverty level maynot have enough income to afford the medical care. Some politicalfactors also contribute to homelessness in a large way. The housingprogram was cut off in the United States, causing the rise ofhomelessness. Some other social and medical factors such as mentalillness, alcoholism, and drug abuse result to rising from poverty.Among the greatest number of the homeless people are those sufferingfrom a mental illness? The rising cost of health and insurance causehomelessness to most people.

A natural disaster is a majorcause of homelessness. A great number of people lose their homesoften to calamities such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Theylose their jobs because their places of work are destroyed as well astheir homes. Other people hide to evade law enforcement and end upbeing homeless. Some teenagers run away from home seeking for freedomwhile others thrown by their parents all end up homeless and roamingin the streets.

Conclusively, there are many causes of homelessness known they include sudden loss of job, casesof divorce among parents, domestic violence and family disputes,impairments such as depression or depression. Efforts that are put inplace to eradicate it have not been well achieved.


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