Thearticle will be analyzed in terms of its strength and weakness andhow well it serves the author’s purpose.

Thearticle has a great introduction and takes the reader through theexperience of the writer, right from his home in America to Africawhere he had so long desired to be. Reading the article the reader isable to identify with the writer’s attitude.

Thewriter also uses a narrative or story telling technique in anexcellent way. He blends his article with direct speech, whichemphasizes his point. In addition, there is a great sense of humor inthe article, which keeps the reader more interested in reading thearticle to the end. For example when the writer was boarding a van tothe city he asked the conductor about charges Luganda and was toldits 3000 shillings but bargained for 2500. “Feelinga little guilty for negotiating, I squeezed my way into the vehicle.

Thearticle’s main weakness is the lack of consistency. For example,the reader does not understand how one event leads to another. Forexample who was Frank, and why he settled at his place? This amongother things leaves the reader confused.

Thearticle’s content conforms to the title “In Search of BlackIdentity in Uganda”. Every story or experience that the writer haswritten is consistent to the title. Even when concluding, the articlesticks to the subject. …“AsI sat there sipping a Fanta, the awareness hit me that soon I wouldbe leaving this place.”

Conclusively,the article is well written. The author’s view is consistent withmy point of view of how a person may find it difficult to find theiridentity is a place they were not raised in. The article actuallyhelps explain some phenomenon like why the U.S president BarrackObama whose origin is Kenya doesn’t have to be in Kenya to claim heis Kenyan.