Immigration in the US Unit

Immigrationin the US


Allillegal immigrants in the US should be granted citizenship. No oneother than American Indians have the right to the American soil.Historically, all non-native Americans are immigrants. Prior to thearrival of European settlers in the 14thcentury and notably after the arrival of Christopher Columbus in1492, America was inhabited by the indigenous Americans popularlyknown as red Indians or American Indians. The population of theseIndians at that time estimated to range 1-18 million (Americanhistory, n.d.). Today, less than 2% of the American populationidentify themselves as indigenous Americans. These are the rightfulowners of America while the rest are just immigrants.

Europeansettlers in America established huge plantations in sugarcane andcotton among other crops and built cottage industries and set thepath for America’s economic prosperity. In most cases, they tookland from the natives forcefully. They developed roads and rails toease transport. They also imported slaves from Africa to work inthese farms (Barkan 2013). This directly shows the economic benefitsof immigration in the sense they introduced skills and new farmingtechniques.

Modernday immigration benefits the US economy in various ways. To startwith, it allows the US to import talent and highly trained employeesto work in America to boost productivity. Unskilled laborers, most ofwho are illegal immigrants, from developing countries provide cheaplabor in jobs that resident Americans would shun. By accepting suchlow paying jobs they suppress inflation and keep production costs atacceptable levels and power economic growth. Apart from providinglabor, they provide a market for American goods and services. On theother hand, they compete for jobs with American citizens, suppresswages, burden social welfare and sometimes pose a threat to nationalsecurity (Barkan 2013).

Thedecision to identify legal or illegal immigrants lies with therightful owners of the country, Native Americans. As it is, allimmigrants should be kind to one another meaning that the government,largely comprised of white Americans, has no right to expelimmigrants or the authority to label one legal or illegal immigrantin light of the fact that European settlers forcefully took away landfrom natives. The decision lies with the largely marginalized NativeAmericans. Otherwise immigrants, legal or illegal, have the sameright as any other non-native American citizen to be in America.Market forces should decide who moves to the US and who leaves.


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