Illegal Immigration



Illegalimmigration is a major issue in the United States. Currently,statistics estimates that the number of illegal immigrants in thenation accounts for about 12 to 20 million people. In a normal year,approximately 1 million illegal immigrants enter the United States,and an extra 280,000 legal immigrants. These figures overwhelm theborder and immigration service accordingly. Despite the objection onthe problem of illegal immigration, the government agrees that thereis a great need to stop illegal immigration as well as solve theissue of the current illegal immigrants.

Thenumber of illegal immigrants in the country is too high thus, theneed to reduce it to manageable numbers. It is true that the nationrequires a significant number of immigrants especially in the laborsector however, when the number is too high it can pose an enormousthreat to the well being of the nation. As such, the governmentshould manage the number of illegal immigrants by deporting them backto their homeland. Illegal immigrants with criminal records should bethe first ones to be imported as they pose the greatest threat to thecountry. On the other hand, the government needs to make it easy forproductive people to acquire legal documents to make their stayconducive. They should register with the authorities, pay fines,taxes and learn the official language of the country before becomingfull citizens. This is a vast tool for improving the welfare of thenation rather than deporting all of them or letting them live inhiding. Such a policy would ensure that there are no undergroundbusinesses and that business owners do not exploit immigrants.

Thegovernment should also have an effective border control to reduceillegal immigrants from crossing. The border guards should be on thelookout for all people entering the United States. They should checkthe validity of the travelers’ documents to ensure that there isminimal illegal immigrants. Virtual fence program with ground sensorsand radars should also be put in borders to ensure that there is noillegal entry. However, all these efforts are difficult to attain.Illegal immigrants continue to enter the borders even with theseefforts. Thus, it is the role of the government to ensure that thereare measures to deal with illegal immigrants who enter the countrythrough various ways. For instance, it should make it extremelydifficult for business people to hire people without documents.Further, all people who visit government facilities should have legaldocuments. Such measures would ensure that the number of illegalimmigrants decreases considerably.

Itis noteworthy that illegal immigrants contribute significantly to theeconomy of the United States. In fact, many people come into thecountry in search of good jobs because the country has plenty ofthem. Illegal immigrants are willing to do all types of jobs thatother citizens may decline to do. They offer cheap labor inindustries and large farms. Therefore, their presence in the countryimproves the economy of the country greatly. Many people feel thatillegal immigrants are not a menace to the country because of theirproductivity. However, it is notable that if illegal immigration isnot controlled, the country will become overwhelmed and vulnerable toindirect threats. The presence of illegal immigrants may distract thecitizens from acquiring adequate resources. Further, it would renderthe country vulnerable to terrorism and criminal activities.Therefore, illegal immigration should be controlled to enhance thewellbeing of the citizens and the nation in general.