Idol Research



Ifound the article in The New York Times, one of the most reckonednewspapers. I decided to look for the magazine in The New York Timesbecause it offers a wide range of interesting subjects.

Thearticle talks about a conflict between president Obama and religiousgroups rooting from barring discrimination against gay people. Thepresident was planning to sign an executive order that would bar allpeople from discriminating against the gay community. However, mainreligious groups demand to be excluded from the rule. The main faithorganizations are against gays and their ways of life. As such, theyare asking Obama to exclude them from the order. This poses a greatdilemma on the president who strongly believes in freedom ofexpression among various groups. Religious groups have alwayscondemned gay marriages because they believe it is against the willof God hence, they demand to be excluded from the order asking themnot to discriminate gays (Davis &amp Eckholm, 2014).

Baconwould obviously despise the quality of thinking exhibited by thereligious groups, who seem to follow the idols discussed by Bacon.They belief gay people are bad and have refused to reason beyond theimposed belief thus, the idols of the tribe. Further, theydiscriminate against a group just because it bears a different typeof sexual orientation. The religious people enjoy having straightorientation and do not see beyond that. They feel that it is normalto be straight and do not bother to understand homosexuals. On theother hand, Bacon would applaud Obama’s views. He is trying toreason with both the religious groups and the gay community. Thepresident tries to look at all sides of the conflicting group. Hegoes beyond the societal beliefs to accept other people’sdifferences. Even though he is not gay, he believes that they shouldnot be discriminated. The society has always been against homosexualsfor a long time however, the president thinks beyond the societybeliefs to accommodate other unique views.


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