Identity Paper




Throughhuman culture we can see how the quality of life that people live andtheir life experiences are influenced by social variables like theirsex, gender, race, and sexuality among other factors as well as theroles that they play in the society.These social variables enableindividuals to determine their background and influence their futurelives.This results in inequalities between individuals of thesociety. Gender relies on whether an individual was born with variedfemale or men genitals. On the other hand, sexuality refers to beingeither a female or male and you are either playing feminine ormasculine roles in your society as defined by your culture andsociety.


Genderrefers to the manner in which women as well as men are supposed tobehave and act in the society (,2014).Iam a white male and my sex has influenced my development and my lifein various ways. For instance, since childhood, I was assigned as aboy and I have grown knowing that my gender is that of a boy. Ilearned of my gender roles through my family, peer groups, education,and mass media.This has influenced the manner, in which I do thingsfor example, according to my culture, my roles are related withaggression, strength, and dominance. My family taught me some of theroles that I was supposed to perform while still young.I freelyinteract with people of my opposite gender when it comes to sharingof ideas and solving some problems in the society.


Ina cultural context, race can highly influence daily lives of variousindividuals. Being a white-American man, I have a feeling that Ienjoy more benefits and opportunities as compared to an individualfrom a different race. By being white and a member of a large race,individuals respect me and do not look at me from a differentperspective. I interact with individuals from my race and I do notfeel different.Through my parents, I learned that my race is adominant one compared to other like Hispanics and blacks. Forinstance, I put up in a town where my Mexican neighbors are usuallyworried of driving even though they are adhering to all trafficrules, while I, who should have been given at least one speedingticket by now because I have a major lead, I usually get free getpasses from authorities because I am a white. Furthermore, I am notusually worried when walking at night because I do not belong to theracial profile that has set aside by my culture for muggers. I amalso aware that by the virtue that I am a white, I am given someprivileges that give me a higher opportunity for career successcompared to other who are not whites. I am a very hardworking personand this has enabled me to attend school fulltime and at the sametime do a part time job at a healthclub. Every race has its ownexceptional way of lives and I am very thankful and pleased with myrace.

Eventhough I have learned that I come from a dominant race, I alsointeract with individuals from other races. For instance, my closetfriend is a Black American and I also have fun and good time withpeople from different races for example Mexicans.


Itcan be defined as a division of the society depending on economic andsocial status. I belong to the middle class and this has had variousinfluences to my life. I belong to the lower middle class because Ido a part time job in a health club.My social class has influenced mylife because it determines the kind of diet I have, the type offriends I interact with, language, and interests. My social class hasinfluenced me because in most cases, I interact with individuals ofmy social class. This is because we share similar interest. This doesnot mean that I do not interrelate with individuals from the lowerand middle class, I do, but to a smaller extent. Furthermore, Iusually have good time with my fellow workers and members like me andI like them too.


Asfar as my religion is concerned, my family and I are Catholics. Iadopted the Catholic religion from my family members and they haveplayed a big role in influencing my religion. Religion influences mein various ways. For instance, our religious norms and values holdthat we are supposed to help others when they are in need. Thesevalues have changed my life because I always feel happy when I helpsomeone. Additionally, my religion has influenced my behavior forinstance I am described as a humble, loyal, and honest man.Ideveloped these values from my parents and being an active member ofthe church. The catholic religious teachings have enabled me to havea good relationship with other people. For example, I have developeda good relationship with my fellow employees at the health club. Thishas made most people to like me and I like them too.


Ihave a hearing loss in both ears since birth, but I can hear with thehelp of hearing aids. This problem developed since my childhood and Iaccept it as part of my life. It has influenced my life experiencesin various ways for instanceI have learned to be a good listenerbecause even though I use hearing aids, I should pay attention towhat I am told so that I can comprehend it. My hearing disability hasme appreciate people the way they are, because they too appreciate methe way I am. Furthermore, I have learned that disability is notinability because despite the fact that I have a hearing impairment,I have a part time job that I perform as expected and I have a goodrelationship with other employees. The hearing aids have also helpedme to continue with my education because presently, I go to schoolfull.


Itrefers to the feelings and attractions that an individual may havetowards other people (Sexuality,2014).My family played an important role in helping me develop a strongfeeling and attraction towards other people. Personally, I do notdiscriminate people based on color race, gender, religion, amongother factors. I usually have a positive feeling towards otherpeople and this has made many people to have a positive feelingtowards me too.

Inconclusion, social variables like race, gender, culture,andsexuality have played a notable role in determining the person I amtoday. These social variables have influenced the way I interact andvalue other people. They have also enabled me to appreciate otherpeople and treat them equally.


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