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Strengths form a crucial part in someone’s life since theydetermine the behaviors, as well as the structure of thoughts andfeelings that be applied in the day to day activities to enhanceproductivity. Strength finder 2.0 is a critical element indetermining someone’s strengths and embarking on them to enhanceproductivity (Rath, 2007). According to strength finder results, Iwas able to establish five strengths that I possess and which areessential my interaction with other people, in my leadership roles,in the past, as well as some of the negative effects of thestrengths. The following is an analysis of my five main strengths asfound out by strength finder 2.0 results.


This is one of my main strengths that has had immense contributiontowards my success and interaction with other people. Empathy enablesa person to feel and understand what other people are going throughand therefore sympathize with them (Rath, 2007). More often than not,the strength is applicable in situations where other people such asrelatives or friends are in situations needing help. Am able directlyimagining myself in such people’s shoes and therefore feel the needand the urge to help. Empathy is applicable in leadership situationsand enables the leader to understand the people he or she is leading.Without empathy, it is clear that the leader cannot connect directlywith the people since he or she cannot put himself in the shoes ofthe people who follow him. Empathy also enables the leader tounderstand the problems of the people he leads. For instance,political leaders must have empathy so as to imagine the situationsand lives that the people they lead go through. This will enable theleader to come up with strategies to help the people (Rath, 2007).

Although this strength is extremely useful, it is sometimesregrettable. Having the ability to connect with someone’s problemsand situations calls for you to help. More often than not is whensuch help is not forthcoming. It is also unfortunate that empathy maydrive you to other people’s issues while trying to help. I havewitnessed this strength being used in my past several times. I havehelped numerous people in my life out of empathy. For instance, Ihelped a classmate recover from an illness through taking care of himwhen he was bed ridden. This was done out of empathy. Empathy is avital strength while interacting with other people. It has been aninstrumental strength while I have been interaction with myclassmates and my lecturers. It helps me understand them fully, andtherefore co-exist harmoniously.


This is a strength that enables a person to interact and get to gowith the flow. It is a strength that enables a person to fit into newenvironments easily. People who possess this strength are known totake each thing and activity at a time without much consideration ofthe future (Rath, 2007). This is one my strengths that I was able todiscover that I possess. It is an essential strength for a leadershipposition. Adaptability enables a leader to learn how to manage andlead people with ease.

Leadership comes along with many changes. A leader must be ready toadapt to the new changes adaptability is the key strength that aleader needs. Leadership needs change in order to enhance anorganization’s trajectory. Leaders must not only be able embracechange, but they must be change agents themselves. It is evident thatchange comes with potential and opportunities and therefore leadersmust have the trait of adaptability in order to embrace and enhancechange (Rath, 2007). The major downside of adaptability as a trait isthe ability to embrace negative change. Some of the changes peopleare supposed to adopt are disheartening such as death. In anorganizational setting, many changes are unexpected and are viewed asdisturbances. Research has shown that people do not like change.

Adaptability is common in everyday life. It is inevitable to avoidchange and therefore embracing it is a technique that is extremelyuseful. I have seen adaptability used before and I have also used itpersonally. When I joined school here in the USA, there were numerouschanges which included the people, environment and the lifestyle.Equipped with my trait of adaptability, I was able to embrace thechanges and live comfortably. While interacting with other peopleinside and outside school, adaptability has been a key strength. Amable to adapt to the changes at the university, as well as embracenew friends. In discussion groups, it is easy for me to apply myadaptability strength and interact with group members smoothly.


Research has indicated that communication enables people to converttheir thoughts, feelings and ideas into words and express themefficiently. This is a strength that is extremely useful as itenables people to present their feelings and thoughts in anunderstandable manner (Rath, 2007). Good communicators are able toengage in constructive discussions and conversations that arefruitful.

Every leader must be a good communicator. Leaders in organizationsor other setting must effectively communicate with their subordinatesand other junior workers. Without proper communication, there is abreakdown of information and therefore leadership failure. Whether inbusiness, politics or even the military, communication for a leaderis essential (Rath, 2007). For instance, for a leader to be able toinspire and direct other people, he must do this throughcommunication. Another good example of marketing leader who mustcommunicate effectively through ads and market campaigns. This is theonly way that such a leader can sell his products and services.

Communication is a strength that hardly has any downside. Thebenefits of a good communicator outweigh the disadvantages by far.However, sometimes people who communicate every detail of theirleadership techniques tend to expose more than what might be expectedof them hence jeopardizing their leadership roles.

Communication has largely been used in every sector of life. I havewitnessed numerous occasions where communication has been appliedsuccessfully. I was a leader in my high school and I usedcommunication to guide and lead the other students. Communicationenabled me to clearly present to the students what was expected ofthem. Communication has been an instrumental strength for me whileinteracting with my classmates and the management of the school.Effective communication skills enabled me to organize for my travelto the US from Angola. As a leader of my discussion group in myclass, I have been able to lead with excellence through mycommunication skills. I perfectly present to the rest of the groupmembers the expectations of the group.


This is an extremely essential trait for people when they aredecision making situations (Rath, 2007). It is vital for any personto make decisions at any one time in life. Many are the times whenpeople are faced with difficult situations which require control anddecision making. This is a strength that enables someone to make suchdifficult decisions and also take control of any situation.

No one can effectively lead without the element of command. Aleadership position for a person who has the command authority.Leaders are faced with decision making situations each and every day.They must therefore be commanding and come up with decisions thatwill be lawful and satisfactory to all parties. For instance,workplace conflicts are a common occurrence and the leader must be ina position to resolve the conflict (Rath, 2007). The leader must takecontrol of the situation and come up with a decision that willresolve the conflict. The decisions of a leader affect the entireorganization.

Command can sometimes be used for personal gain by some people inleadership positions. For instance, an organization leader may decideto fire someone personal reasons rather than incompetence ormisconduct. It is, therefore, clear that the strength of command cansometimes be used for the wrong purposes.

As a leader in my former years in high school, command was one of myelements of leadership. The strength helped me at one point when thestudents were rioting over inadequate teachers. It was prudent for meto take control of the situation through communicating with thestudents and making a decision. My decision to call all the teachersto talk to the students was an application of command. My interactionwith other people has largely been as a result of adaptability andcommunication. However, command has also helped me manage mydiscussion group effectively. I make decisions on behalf of the groupsuch as collecting materials and assigning duties to group members.


This strength enables people to have special interest in thequalities and attributes of other people. In this regard, thesepeople are able to bring people together to work under one umbrellabody harmoniously (Rath, 2007). Leaders must possess this quality inorder to manage and bring about cohesion at the work place. It iscritical for every leader to understand the qualities of everyemployee in order to make the right decisions in terms of groupingthe employees.

This strength requires that you study other people in terms of theirlikes, dislikes, motivation and their life stories. More often thannot, this may lead to intrusion of people’s especially innon-leadership situation. I have used the strength in the past whileselecting the gifts to present to my friends during their birthdayparties. Knowing each of my friends individually helps me to interactwith them at individual levels and have personalized friendship.

This is a strength that has been instrumental in guiding myrelationship with my friends. It helps me to do what is right to eachand every person close to me. The strength has also helped to know myfriends better and understand them fully. This strength has thereforesignificantly reduced conflicts with my friends.


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