I just have to be an adult; I do not have another option

Ijust have to be an adult I do not have another option

I know this is an odd confession from me. It is also very odd of meto be thinking this way, but I believe it is the best way that I canfashion a new me. I can say I have never given much of a though onwhat I anticipate doing when I grow up. Every time I try to do that Ifeel scared and shun away from the reality. I keep wishing thatthings will get better with time, but now I know they can only getbetter if I step up to being whom I wish. Here is me making aconfession of how am preparing to be an adult, here is all I wish toleave behind today.

Howcould I possibly be living without making reflection of my days? Itshould be very stupid of me thinking I can make tomorrow better if Icannot make a reflection of the things that I did today, how will Ibe effective and realise how to respond to other things tomorrow? Ican now admit I have been a child believing things will work out bythemselves.

Every day I thought I could be perfect. Making a mistake is the worstbit of an individual, and it is also the behaviour of a child who isnot open to realising that human is to err. That possibly explainsthe high level of procrastination, being too cautious even at timesslowing me down on handling tasks that would take a very short time,creating to list for very petty issues while I could make that timeto developing goals. I also have the child mode of believing thatpeople will always assist me. The child mode always makes me feellike a victim and probably prevents me from stepping up to beingresponsible.

Today,I embrace realistic thinking I will have a different perspective oflife that is positivity. I will embrace to encourage myself byconceptualising those things I would like to posses as if I have themin reality. My way of solving the problems will be different. I willbegin by looking at what I need to achieve and the problem that Ihave. I will sum up the difference between the two with a workingsolution. I will hypothesize my solution by looking at all thee nittygrities of the problems that i need to solve. I will also have toanticipate the things that I need to do by creating a one pageoutline of my goals on those activities (Tennant 67).

Allthose virtues that I expected people to show me while I was in mychild mode will be my personality. I will be more caring, respectfulaccommodative and very decisive. My plan is to fashion my personalgoods and make the people that I love like my family happy. I canonly do that if I commit myself to making happiness a part of me. Theonly child bit of me is my adventure I will be proactive to makingnew relationship, visit new places and even bend the rules a littleespecially if am to achieve a high level of self-satisfaction. I willexude the spirit of an adult and make the people around me happy.Yeah, I confirm am ready to be an adult.


Tennant,Mark. Psychology&amp Adult Learning.London: Routledge, 2007. Print.