I Can`t Stop Coughing and Soccer Cough

ICan`t Stop Coughing and Soccer Cough

ICan`t Stop Coughing and Soccer Cough

Signsthat Evelyn has pneumonia


Scatteredsmall patches of density show in the lungs

Indicationof viral and not bacterial pneumonia

Sputumthat is positive for influenza A

Smallamounts of mucus when she coughs and a headache



Puton warm cloth and avoided cold weather

Visiteda doctor for treatment on her cold to prevent its advancement topneumonia


Antiviralmedicines like zanamivir to help relieve symptoms. She did not needto go to hospital since she is not older than 65 and she does nothave other health problems like diabetes and asthma

Importantof antibiotics

Shewent home with antibiotics to prevent her from contracting bacterialpneumonia

Testsfor coughing blood

Shemay be tested for brochiectasis which is a long term lung conditionthat lead to build up of mucus in the airways

Signsfor EIA

Wheezing,shortness of breath, fatigue

Spirometryafter exercise

Oximetryafter exercise

Occurrenceof EIA

EIAis a common disease in asthmatic children and adolescents.Approximately 12 percent f the population has EIA. In fact about80-90% of all individuals with allergic asthma experience symptoms ofEIA when they indulge in vigorous activities or exercises (Rice,2010).

Goalsof EIA


Tohave a few side effects of medication as possible

Tocarry on with normal activities

Tohave a well maintained normal or near-normal lung function

Examplesof beta2-agonist bronchodilators

Short-term:2-4 puffs five to thirty minutes before exercising

Long-term:taken few hours before exercise

Shortprovide quick relief from bronchoconstriction while the long one helpcontrol and prevent symptoms

ShouldJeremy stop playing soccer?

Nosince he can play in a position that does not require so much running


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