Human Computer Interaction Project 3

HumanComputer Interaction Project 3:

of user research and methods.

Incountries that experience winter and summer seasons, temperatures canbe very high during summer beyond the natural control mechanisms byour bodies. Everybody gets affected and the use of air conditionersis inevitable. Many of the air conditioners are remote controlledbut more often they do not ventilate the air to give the requiredtemperature that makes one feel comfortable. Quite often, the remotecontrols are problematic and do not indicate levels of temperatureachieved by the air conditioner. Users depend on the factorysettings of the conditioners of which they have no control over them.There is no button on the remote controls that can be used to alterthe temperature other than the on and off button. This posesdifficulties for the users to control temperatures by remote or eventhe air conditioners installed yet none of us can overcome summertemperatures without using air conditioners.

Thereis need therefore, for users to control temperatures during summer tocomfortable levels. This can also be achieved if a temperaturecontrol button is also included on the remote controls. It is alsonecessary for the remote controls to indicate on the screen thetemperature levels achieved by the air conditioner in a given periodof time. The remote control needs to be easy to use giving therequired temperature information and should also be able to be usedin adjusting and selecting temperature and control mechanisms of theair conditioner. The size should be comfortable in handling and theinformation displayed on the screen should be legible and clear. Incase the remote is spoilt, there is need to have buttons on the airconditioner that can perform the adjustments required by the user andalso display information on temperatures achieved in the room.

Oneof the users struggling with a remote control to activate the airconditioner. No other adjustments can be made by the remote controlor the air conditioner.


Aremote control with a button for controlling the temperature of theair conditioner

Ascreen to display the current temperature

Anair conditioner that has button to adjust the temperaturerequirements

Ascreen on the air conditioner to display the temperature achieved

Aneasy to handle remote control piece.

Anair conditioner that can also switch on and off as programmed

Anair conditioner that can also work independently from the remotecontrol.

Anair conditioner with cool coloration

Anair conditioner that is not noisy

Aremote control that is easily portable

Aremote control with cool coloration

Aremote control that is to follow its operations and can be used byall.


Doyou have an air conditioner with a remote control? Yes/no

Doyou enjoy using the remote control? Yes/no

Asa control gadget, does it control the temperature to yourspecifications? Yes/no

Doesyour air conditioner have any control buttons? Yes/no

Isit fully operated by the remote control? Yes/no

Givena new model, what features would you like to see on the model? Pleaseexplain.

Whywould you need the features you have mentioned above?