How to Achieve what I Want


Howto Achieve what I Want

Ihave an immense desire of pursuing fashion design career. The currentdemand in the market of fashion designers will in a way come to be ofbenefit since I would not struggle in being absorbed into the market.This is due to the increasing cases of fashion designs and newfashions being generated almost daily. Because of the various designsthat are invented almost daily, there is an immense demand forfashion designers. Fashion design entails the art of applyingdesigns and aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and otheraccessories. The art of fashion design is usually influenced bysocial and cultural latitudes and has changed over place and time.Fashion designers work in several ways in designing clothes andaccessories such as necklace and bracelets, due to the time requiredinto bringing a garment onto the market. A fashion designer shouldalways anticipate on changing consumer tastes (Udale,2008. Pp. 102).Fashion designers always attempt in engaging in designing clothes,which are functional and aesthetically pleasing. They need toconsider who has the probability of wearing a garment and thecircumstances under which the garment will be worn. Fashion designershave a broad range and combinations of materials that he/she workswith and a wide range of patterns, colours and styles that he/shechooses from. Although most clothes worn for daily wear falls under anarrow range of conventional styles, unusual garments are usuallysought for unique occasions like party dresses and evening wear. Theaim of this assignment is explaining how I would achieve to work as afashion designer.

Differentaspects have led to choosing Fashion Business as the future careerprospect these aspects are the personal motivators that lead tochoosing the career. As my Bachelor studies I had chosen FashionMerchandise Management course regarding to understand how Fashionworks on business side first. This understanding will help me toreach a successful fashion design career in my future.

Oneof the personal motivators to choosing fashion designing entails theability of being motivated to act by challenges. Differentindividuals have different ways of acting whenever faced bychallenges some act by quitting while some react by working towardsthe challenging factor. Once faced with a challenge, I always becomemotivated to encounter the challenge in order to understand anemerging fashion. As a fashion designer, this skill is critical sincefashion designers are usually faced by challenges while carrying outtheir work. For instance, during his/her work, a fashion designer mayneed to know the existing designs in the market or come up with newonce in order to avoid annoying customers since at times, they canbecome unsatisfied by the designs that the fashion designer has. As afashion designer, one should always accept being challenged byhis/her customers in order to be always conversant with the existingdesigns in the market. The fashion designer should accept anychallenge brought to him or her since it can be a learning situation.

Anotherpersonal motivator towards pursuing the career of a fashion designerentails being an excellent communicator. Effective communication is acritical aspect when it comes to the field of fashion designing. Thisis because a fashion designer has to communicate with otherdesigners in knowing the designs that are available and new in themarket (Cerimedo,2010. Pp. 94).Without keeping in touch with other designers, a fashion designer maynot know what is new in the market, which may lead to losing out ofcustomers. Besides, effective communication is very critical to afashion designer because he/she has to communicate to customers sincehe/she has to explain to customers on what is new to the market andconvince customers that the designs are good. Communication is vitalsince it leads to winning customers. Fashion designers that areexcellent communicators always have a potential of winning customers.This personal motivating factor is a crucial factor in fashiondesigning since it can help in reaching out to various individualsinvolved in process of fashion designing concerning what is expected.

Afashion designer must be in a position to think creatively.Creativity is exceedingly critical to a fashion designer because ithelps in coming up with different styles that tend to satisfycustomers. Fashion designs have to involve creativity because onemust be in a position to match colours and patterns that satisfycustomers. Fashion designers that do not think creatively do notusually succeed in fashion design because they tend to use a givendesign or style for a long period. Change is a remarkably vitalfactor in fashion design because customers are usually interested bynew things. As such, a fashion designer must be creative in order tobe capable of meeting changes that come into play in the fashionindustry. The ability to think creatively has been depicted in theorganization that I used to work for as a Fashion Designer Assistant.The ability to think creatively has been depicted in the organizationthat I used to work for as an intern. In the organization, I wascapable of matching the needs of customers with the styles thatexisted. For instance, in case a customer desired to have a garmentdesigned for a given purpose, I had to match the situation with thebest designs that could satisfy customers. Therefore, through theability to think creatively, I am well suited to build a career infashion design.

Inaddition, analytical and research skills that I possess providespersonal motivation towards pursuing the career. A designer, or groupof designers, will look at various sources to get strong ideas forstyles which will appeal to their company’s target market wherethey look depends on what motivates their customers. (Linda Drew, TheBusiness of Fashion, 37pp). When working as a fashion designer, onehas to engage in a research in order to find out the fashions thatare new in the market. As a fashion designer, one can do research indifferent markets in order to know what customers need (Jones,2007. Pp. 66).For instance, a fashion designer can carry out a survey or workclosely with Trend Prediction companies (eg. Trend Union, Peclers,Promostyl, Carlin International) to find out which styles, fabricsand colours satisfy customers. I have a deep knowledge in research,which I can use in finding out what designs are new in the marketthat satisfy customers. I have engaged in different researches, whilein college, which can assist in developing the career as a fashiondesigner. I have engaged in different researches, while studying atuniversity, which can assist in developing the career as a fashiondesigner.

Ialso possess strong drawing skills which are of significance to thefashion designer because they can help in sketching ideas onto apaper prior to starting the production process. While studying in oneof the Art schools, I developed the drawing skills, which is criticalin developing the fashion design career( Bertoletti, 2010. Pp. 106).Furthermore, I have a good eye for materials, which is also criticalin fashion design because it helps in selecting materials of agarment and elements that make a garment unique. With a good eye formaterials, it is possible to satisfy customers and develop a careerin fashion design. Furthermore, I have a sense of completion that canaid in doing better than peers because I can be capable of coming upwith quality innovative designs swiftly. This is critical in thefashion design career because one has to remain innovative in ordermaintain competitiveness. Moreover, the skills of pattern cutting andsewing could also act as personal motivation to developing fashiondesign career.

Inthe course of the career, I am prepared to make tradeoffs. Some ofthem I already made. I left my country, family and friends regardingto come closer to my future dreams and start a Fashion Business studyin the United Kingdom. Furthermore, in three past years I was workingduring all my summer holidays as an Intern in different FashionBusiness institutions to get as much experience as I can. Besides, Iam also prepared to forfeit other careers that I could also considerin the future. Every person has the capacity of developing one ormore careers in his/her lifetime. However, it is not possible to haveall the careers at a go. This implies that one has to sacrifice somecareers in order to succeed in another career. As such, I am willingto sacrifice other potential careers that I could develop in thefuture for the sake of developing the fashion design career. Thisemanates from the potentials that I have, which matches well with thefashion design career. In addition, I am prepared to take time indeveloping the fashion design career. The fashion design careerrequires one to engage in market research, where one can understandconsumers and trends that are emerging in the market. As such, onemust be prepared to take time in the research so as to succeed in thecareer. I am prepared to take time in doing market research, whichconsumes a lot of time, for the sake of developing the fashion designcareer.

Onthe other hand, there are different things that I know about myself,which may have an impact on the working life. One of the things thatI know is that I have leadership skills. I have been appointed tovarious positions of leadership, which have helped in gaining goodleadership skills and qualities. For instance, I was my schoolpresident for two years and have worked with different individuals astheir leader. Through playing the role of a leader, I have come tounderstand the various challenges that leaders undergo and how toovercome the challenges. For instance, while leading one group inresearch, I once became challenged for not letting the group know ofa problem that was underway, which restricted the group fromconducting research. In this case, I learnt to communicate timely tothe group that one is leading in order to avoid problems. Theleadership skills and qualities that I have can have an impact on theworking life since I can use the skills to guide others in anorganization that I would work for, which can lead to being placed ina leadership position. Once in the leadership position, I can stayfor a long time since I have the leadership qualities and skills thatcan make employees satisfied in delivering their services to theorganization.

Besides,I am a good team player what is really important while working in TheFashion Industry. Psychological tests used and analyzed during mystudies at university, gave me a clear understanding about my own andother’s behavioral weaknesses and strengths in the workplace.According to Dr. Meredith Belbin Team Roles Test, which is apersonality test created to understand how an individual behaves in ateam environment, mine is Implementer’s role.

Implementersare often described as conservative, loyal and systematic. They aredown to earth and self disciplined (Management Centre, 2010). All ofthese characteristics suits me very well and explain my practicalnature which helped me to reach really good result while I haveworked in some fashion boutiques and Retail store called GUESS assales assistant, where I was in a position to appreciate working as ateam. Although there were various roles allocated to differentmembers, it was possible to deliver the roles through team work. Thisimplies that I have the capacity of connecting and working withdifferent employees that I have been allocated to work with anyorganization would desire to have an employee that can flexibly getalong and work with other employees. This gives the organization theability to deliver quality work without necessarily grouping certainemployees together. By having the ability to work with any group ofemployees, I would be appreciated by the organization I would workfor, leading to a long life working relationship with theorganization. I am also hardworking, which is a trait loved bydifferent organizations. According to Meyers-Briggs Personality TypeTest, I am ENTJ (Extraversion/Intuition/Thinking/Judging) typeperson, which can explain this trait. Additionally, ENTJ typeindividuals are energetic, strategic, planner and driving organizers.Organizations do not usually value individuals that are pushed towork in order to deliver results to the organization, butorganizations always desire having employees that are hardworking,who are capable of delivering results to the organizations asrequired. Being such kind of a person, the organization that I wouldwork for would always long to have a long working relationship withme.

Ialso have a personal attribute of being committed to meetingdeadlines. Meeting deadlines is a critical aspect to an organizationsince it helps an organization in scheduling and targeting itsoperations within a certain time. For instance, an organization maybe presented with different orders made by customers, which requireto be completed with a particular date. However, it needs to plan andgive schedules concerning the start and end period of the differentorders made by customers. In case an organization employs an employeethat is not capable of meeting deadlines as scheduled, theorganization may lose clients. Since no organization would desire tolose clients as a result of its employees not meeting deadlines,organizations would always seek for employees that are capable ofmeeting deadlines. As such, I would be in a position of having a longlife with an organization since I have the ability of meetingdeadlines.

Inaddition, I have good IT skills, which implies that I can be wellequipped in dealing with different customer needs. In the currentworld, organizations require an employee that can be in a position ofdealing with different emerging issues. Therefore, through having theIT skills, the organization I would work for would look forward tohaving a long term relationship this is because it would not desirelosing an employee that can deal with different customer needsthrough using the IT skills. Furthermore, I have problem solvingskills, which are critical to any organization once faced with aproblem. Organizations desire to have employees that are ready topresent solutions to the problems that emerge rather than hiringemployees that bring problems in an organization. For example, anorganization may be faced with the problem of misunderstandings amidemployees and the management. In such a scenario, the organizationwould be pleased having an employee that presents a solution to themisunderstandings. This would lead to an organization desiring tohave a long term working relationship with me due to the ability.

Differentcompanies may emerge as the best fit for the fashion design career.One of the best companies that a fashion designer can work in entailsorganizations that deal with sportswear. Sportswear often change withtime and organizations that deal with sportswear need to have afashion designer that is capable of noticing the trends that are newin the market and employing them into making the different designs inthe organization. Besides, in such organizations, a fashion designercan be employed in order to design the sportswear for differentgroups based on gender. Examples of such an organization includeNike- an American multinational corporation that is designing andselling sport apparel, accessories, footwear, equipment and servicesworldwide. This company is well known because of their really strongorganizational structure and group work strategies. ‘Building awinning team is essential to be competitive and we take thischallenge seriuously’ (Knight, 1997) According to Nike AnnualReport (2013), company’s core management programs and objectivesare to built leadership capacity and high profile communicationskills among managers assemble people in teams and have them managea sport’s business using one of the most sophisticated computerbusiness simulation in the world build the competencies of LineManagers to assess and select the best person for each and every jobat Nike. Besides, as a fashion designer, one may work in anorganization that specializes with clothes of a particular group suchas ladies wear, men’s wear or kids wear.


Iwould achieve the dream of pursuing the career of a fashion designerthrough the personal motivation factors that I possess and via theskills that I have. Effective communication is a critical aspect whenit comes to the field of fashion design. This is because one has tocommunicate to his customers well in order to know their likes anddislike. Besides, one has to communicate with merchandisers, buyersand other designers in order to be conversant with the new trendsthat are in the market and the best decisions for the business. Ipossess this as a personal motivation, which will aid in pursuing thecareer. I also have an eye for material and colour, which arecritical in working as a fashion designer because this may aid inselecting the best garments and style for customers. In addition, Ihave personal motivation of thinking creatively. A fashion designermust be in a position to think creatively. Through thinkingcreatively, fashion designer would be capable of developing newstyles that can work to satisfy the needs of customers and brand.Fashion design requires one to be constantly reviewing the trends inthe market this implies that there is a need for constantinnovations, which can only become realized through creative andcritical thinking.


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