How great my trainer is at the gym

Howgreat my trainer is at the gym

Mytraining at the gym has been a wonderful experience worth reckoning.Despite several stereotypes that working out is an exhaustingexperience, I have out that gyms are much fun and worth a trial.Overall, amidst challenges, working out was a great experience forme. However, I could not have achieved all this without the help ofmy personal trainer. A personal trainer is a professional in fitnessand exercise prescription (Earle et al, 2004). She is helping me tobuild my body to my desired masculine shape.

Mypersonal trainer is a very patient person a trait I found desirablefor my training. My progress was quite slow and my trainer was verypatient and adjusted to my pace. He assessed my body to familiarizewith me body needs. She has helped me get my upper body strong inorder to get an additional 30 yards longer on my golf game and isworking on my core to reduce my mid section

Likewise,I have never met a person who knows how to communicate as my trainer.He always responded to my queries immediately. In case he failed tocome to a training session, he would communicate on time and explainthe reasons for his absence. I always felt that he recognized me asan important person.

Thelist is endless. I could go on and on to describe how great mytrainer is. I can recommend anyone willing to have a work outtraining session to seek my personal trainer. I assure you, if Ifound him great, anyone else would find her even greater. I am abetter person with confidence all thanks to my personal trainer.


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