Hospitality Case Study My Week at Ritz


HospitalityCase Study: My Week at Ritz

HospitalityCase Study: My Week at Ritz

Oneof my most valuable times in studies was spent at the Ritz CarltonHotel as a room service waiter. I dedicated two days in thiscapacity, offering my service at the hotel located in Toronto. Whilemany people in the hospitality industry talk and wish to giveexcellent service, very few actually find themselves in the positionsto actualize those experiences by serving customers. My service atthe Ritz Carlton was not only a fulfillment of these hopes, but alsoan achievement at such a prestigious hotel. Therefore, I treated eachof the three customers I served with ultimate care and honor.

Beingpart of the world class hospitality service at Ritz Carlton meantadhering to the regulations of the hotel. As I learned from O`Fallonand Rutherford(2011), itwas important to be always on time and receive customer withpromptness. The other basic rule that the management at Ritz made asuccessful guideline is consultation with the team leaders when inneed of guidance. As a learner, this experience gave me a lot ofskills because I utilized my senior and colleagues throughconsultation. As part of the philosophy of the hotel, excellence ofservice is both an expectation that every waiter was supposed to meetat personal and working level.

AsI reflect the time at the hotel, nothing can spark greater level oflearning than the experience with the management. The management hasa consistently cordial relationship with the employees, a policy thatmade me feel like part of the administration. As recommended byO`Fallonand Rutherford(2011), thedecision making at the hotel was inclusive. This made me feel a senseof importance, especially when I suggested issues and were consideredby the management. With all the feeling of achievement at the hotel,the greatest thing that I learnt is the joy of providing excellentservice to customers.


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