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Transport and Terrorism



Thesecurity industry has been on the limelight over security concerns.Ortmeier (2013) notes that the trucking industry is vulnerable toterror attacks as it is often perceived too minor. A case scenario onthis issue had used an example of a hijacked gasoline truck which hasthe potential to be a dangerous weapon. Industry players havereassured the public that drivers are strictly vetted and that trucksare fitted with tracking devices to monitor their movement.Furthermore, given that such events are rare, chances of it occurringin the future is low (Barnett 2014).

Railroadtransport has witnessed terror attacks in other countries such asSpain and the UK. The US government and the industry as a whole haveresponded in installing better security measures. Given that it isnearly impractical to inspect all packages and people on board, theresponse has to be to increase security personnel and adding securityfeatures in the facilities including CCTV cameras to monitordevelopments (Trucking industry 2010). However, the risk is tilleminent. Ortemeier (2013) notes that the role of high speed railnetwork in modern societies and its economic cots makes it a veryattractive target for terrorism.

Thegreatest threat to maritime security today remains to be pirates. TheIndian ocean off the horn of Africa is the most prone to piratesattacks from lawless Somalia. These pirates are linked to the terrorgroup Al Shabaab that is affiliated with Al Qaeda. To combat thesethreats, there is increased military surveillance in high waters moreso in the high risks areas. There is increased surveillance at theports. However, seaports remain potential targets given theircritical role in serving economies. Additionally, the means ofinspecting cargo are still not well updated to detect threats. Assuch, they remain highly vulnerable especially from suspect cargo.


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