Cleopatra(1963)is a oriented classic film directed by Joseph Mankiewicz. Themain characters in this film are Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.Cleopatra is unique with the main character Taylor shining brighterand dominating among powerful men. As a result, the film scoopednominations for nine Oscars. However, this film reported is the mostexpensive in filmmaking . Cleopatra(1963)is a version of the Egyptian queen and derived from Shakespeare’splay Antony and Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. The film presents atragic story of the Egyptian queen as well as two other powerful menknown as Marc Antony and Julius Caesar. I watched this memorablemovie together with my friends. However, we all found the length ofthe movie, four hours as too tiring.

Thismovie provides the audience with the of Roman Empire. Itpresents Egypt as exceedingly wealthy and lavish. On the other hand,the Romans are reflected as having attributes such as ruthless andpatriarchal. Moreover, the film reflects on women in powerfulpositions. Specifically, is the portrayal of the most popularEgyptian monarch, Queen Cleopatra VII. This film makes a replica ofsome of the best and most loved spectacular scenes of Cleopatra’slife. Nevertheless, the director of this film, attempted to depictthis phenomenal woman as a ruler who is very sharp, in addition tobeing a concerned mother to Caesarion. Despite Cleopatra’s ultimatedownfall, she is presented in this film as a true leader where sheforesaw the west and east unity in favor of Alexander the Greatinvasion to create a powerful nation.

Accordingto Müller (2004), the film Cleopatrawas received with mixed reactions after its premier in the year 1963.At times, the film is also perceived as one of the most unsuccessfulin the of filmmaking. Moreover, Cleopatrawasmarred by much negativity, such as being scandal-plagued. Despitethis perception, the film eventually recovered its huge costs andremain a great epic during its era (Müller, 2004), it is for thisreason the movie is recommended to anyone who has not watched itespecially students. This is because they can watch and learnconcerning the of the Roman Empire and the famous CleopatraVII. Despite the long four hours, Cleopatra(1963)is superior compared to other historical spectacles.

Nevertheless,I think that some of the most important events are unsatisfactorilydisplayed. In fact, this makes the film to look unfinished becauseCleopatra’s life events had to be cut into half, thereby leavingloosely patches and also quality variations (Snodgrass, 2010).

Inconclusion, Cleopatra(1963)shows how should be seriously perceived. This movie receivedboth praise and criticism however, it is good, and the audience caneasily make out of the events and political situation that unfoldedin the first century. Despite the film suffering from structuralbreaks and exclusion of several sequences because of its length, thefilm is entertaining. As a matter of fact, the film is worthy ofrenewed audience attention because it is the only classic film with awoman as the leading character. In summary, maybe the film could havebeen broken down into two parts as suggested by some people and thismight have worked in a different way. Regardless, modern viewers canstill enjoy the movie in its DVD edition since it is still worthwatching.


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