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Name of Company: HighrisePictures

Issue Analyzed: OrganizationalProblem

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Executive Summary

The Companycomprises of the president (Hatch), four staff members on full-timepayment terms (Bud Joseph, Morgan Shaw, Glinda Taylor, and OakleyRyder. It also has two interns Palmer and Freeman. Hatch employsinterns on a four-month contract, within which, the employees do notreceive any payment. Upon the expiry of the contract, and aftersatisfying the president’s expectations, they discuss theiremployment on a full-term payment. After employing his friendPalmer, Hatch notices that Palmer has an adverse influence of hisintern and friend, Freeman and has started spoiling the company’sreputation. Consequently, Hatch has to find a solution for thecompany and save its reputation. Similarly, the solution shouldensure that such thing does not reoccur in the future, and if itdoes, the company will have a remedy. That is what this paperaddresses.

Therefore, the paper identifiedvarious problems that the company faces. For example, the paperestablished that the company lacks a written contract for itsinterns. Accordingly, it becomes difficult to work with interns whochange their minds after realizing they are doing the same work,which their superior do, and only interns are not on the company’spayroll. Another problem the paper identifies is the lack ofspecialization at work every employee or intern can be assigned todo anything. It also determined that the company’s president gaveinterns much freedom to do their work. Similarly, the presidentrelates to the employees and interns casually.

Consequently, the paper had tofind the cause of the problems. It is apparent that Hatch lacks priorBusiness training in the management of any business. Therefore, itbecomes difficult for anyone without any education or training inbusiness, to manage a company without the assistance of aprofessional in the field. Another cause is the permissiveness by thepresident to the interns. As the paper illustrates, a full range ofcreativity is among the causes of some of the problems, which thecompany experiences.

The paper also identified thegoals of the company to be: the provision of high-quality custom-madehigh definition film, growing the business in terms of clientele,number of films each year and good reputation. It also found thatHatch aims at maintaining the company’s ownership.

There are action alternatives forthe company, which include: a written contract of the terms ofemployment and terms of internship, a rule stating that employeesshould not discuss business matters with clients outside the company.It also established that the company should draft a code of conduct.

Finally, the paper makesrecommendations the company should implement, the implementationprocess, and the contingency in case the actions fail.


The key players of HighrisePictures are James Hatch, who is the president of the company, fourstaff members on the Highrise payroll: Bud Joseph, Morgan Shaw,Glinda Taylor, and Oakley Ryder. Similarly, the company had twointerns: Charlie Palmer and Jack Freeman. It is the company’sunwritten policy that interns are not paid, and agreed orally thatthey would discuss full-time paid employment upon the successfulcompletion of the four-month contracts between the president and thetwo interns. Hatch established the company in 2011 after graduationand did several internships with production houses. However, Hatchdid not have any prior education in business management. The internswere to acquire full-time employment if their performance at Highriseduring internship met or exceeded the president’s expectations.However, such expectations were not apparent, as they were not in anyrecord in the company.

Hatch contracted Charlie Palmer,a friend in their teenage life whom he met at a summer camp.Initially, Palmer had requested for a payment employment at Highrisebut Hatch explained the company’s inability to employ.Consequently, they settled for a short-term contract with thepossibility of a full-time payable job. During the four-monthinternship, Palmer was to enjoy a considerable freedom on creativityin his work just as Freeman. However, after working on an internshipfor two weeks and receiving positive remarks from a crucial client,thereby their relationship growingly significantly, Palmer becamelaid back on his daily responsibilities. His relationship with Hatchand his superiors changed, he became close to Freeman only, in theentire company. Hatch noticed the change in Freeman’s attitude andrelationship with his superior. Both Palmer and Freeman startedleaving work early on Fridays without joining the rest of the employsfor a drink, and Glinda reported having overheard the two talkingnegatively about Hatch. Hatch called Palmer in his office to discussthe matter after Palmer had asked to work from home. However, themeeting did not go well even though Hatch said what was necessary,and Palmer left the room shaking his head. Clients continuedcomplaining about Palmers failure to follow the their directives andlate submissions, and went further to talk negatively about Hatch’smanagement skills and Highrise. The main organizational problem washierarchy in Highrise, all employees were equal with the boss, anddid similar tasks.


The Highrise company lacks awritten contract concerning employment terms and conditions. It isapparent through the way in which Hatch contracts the company’sinterns Freeman and Palmer. It is an organizational problem becausein the event an intern violates or breaches the contract it becomeshard for the company to institute any proceeding against the intern.Similarly, the Highrise Company requires a specialization. It is aproblem because both employees and interns do not know their exactresponsibilities because of the lack of specialization. For example,both Freeman and Palmer, who is interns, could go in the field,record an event such as a wedding ceremony, then they do the editingand the whole production process. In the same manner, employees onfull-time payment terms do the same job. However, the problem ariseswhen interns realize they are doing the same work as those onfull-time payment terms. The lack of written and clear expectations,which Hatch expects the interns to meet are also a problem because nointern knows how to reach their expected performance.

Another problem is hierarchythere is defined a hierarchy in the company. It is a problem becausethere is a casual relationship in the workplace. Consequently, thereis a lack of professionalism by the employees. For example, that iswhy Palmer can manage to disrespect Hatch his boss by coming for ameeting late and interjecting him while Hatch addresses him.Similarly, because of such unprofessional relationship and characterin the company, Palmer would request to work from home. However, thelack of business expertise by Hatch is another problem, whichcontributes to the company’s failure as well. The lack of businessknowledge makes it difficult for Hatch to organize the company.

Similarly, Hatch has allowed theinterns have an extensive range of freedom for creativity. It becomesa problem because the intern creates what the client did not requestmaking the important customers to the company lose their hope in Company. An intern may not disappoint the clientintentionally, but because of the freedom to be creative, it showsthe Company lacks objective, allowing its interns to do whatever theywish. However, the lack of a code of conduct for the Company’semployees and interns is a significant problem to the Company. Itexplains the lack of respect interns to their superiors. For example,there is a lack of respect for superiors when both Palmer and Freemantake extended lunch breaks, and they leave work early on Fridays.That shows there is no rules stipulating the time employees shouldbreak for lunch and the time to close work. Another problem thecompany faces is the failure to meet the clients’ deadlines theclients communicate with workers in the field on matters concerningthe company’s administration.


The lack ofbusiness knowledge:SinceHatch did not have any prior knowledge in business management he didnot bother to have signed contracts for his interns concerning theirterms of working in the company without payment for a periodspecified. The ignorance blurred Hatch from foreseeing the possibleproblem with interns in the future. Similarly, due to lack ofbusiness knowledge, Hatch could not specialize the employees and workinto departments, and that is the reason any employee or intern coulddo everything. It then becomes hard for an employee to program ormake a schedule for the day. The absence of clear and writtenexpectations by Hatch for the interns is attributable to the lack ofprior business organization knowledge, as well.

However, the casual treatment ofemployees is the cause of the unprofessional character at the. Hatch treats both the full-time employees onpayment and interns casually that they have lacked professionalism atthe work place. It has caused the interns to lack respect for workethics and to adhere to simple rules such as staying at work until itis time for every employee to close work and go home. Similarly, thetwo interns take long lunch breaks than their superiors. Moreover,the two interns Palmer and Freeman can talk badly about Hatch.

The permissiveness by Hatchallowing interns a wide range of creativity has caused them to failon the delivery according to the clients’ instructions. Theintern’s creativity has been translated to mean non-interference byHatch. Therefore, they do not expect Hatch to ask anything concerningtheir work. For example, Palmer considered Hatch to be interferingwith his work during their meeting at Hatch’s office. Palmertranslated freedom of creativity to mean doing work as they please,and that could be the reason Palmer requested to work from home.

GOALS (Decision Criteria)

  • Hatch aims at providing high-quality custom-made high definitionfilm.

  • Hatch intends to grow the company in terms of clientele, number of films each year and good reputation.

  • Hatch aims at maintaining the company’s ownership

Action Alternatives

Writtencontract of the terms of employment and terms of internship: Hatchshould take the initiative of ensuring that has aconstitution entailing terms and conditions for interns. The terms ofemployment should be printed and given to every employee uponemployment. After the employee signs the document, it is the finalindication that they have an understanding. It is effective than averbal agreement without any witness to the fact that the internaccepted to work without payment for a specified period. Therationale for this alternative is that, in the event, an employee oran intern breaches any of the terms the Company can takedisciplinary measures against such individual.

Similarly, the company shouldmake a rule that an employee should not discuss matters of thecompany outside of the company or in the field with the clients. Allissues concerning the Company should take place inthe company offices and with relevant personnel. The rationale isthat, allowing employees to talk and consult direct with clients mayresult in a misrepresentation. For example, had there been suchpractice in the company, Palmer would have restrained from talkingbadly about Hatch and spoiling the company’s reputation to acrucial client of the company.

should have acode of conduct for its employees. The code of conduct stipulates therole of an employee in the firm and what the management expects fromthem, and how such employee should behave at work. It will ensure aprofessional relationship among employees and their superiors.Finally, Hatch should employ someone with business managementknowledge and who knows about business organization. It is because,if Hatch had known most of the things like having a code of conduct,he could have avoided a large percentage of the problems in thecompany. Since Hatch does not have any business education, it ishigh recommended that he employ someone with the qualifications.


I recommend that the companyshould have a code of conduct for its employees.

Implementation process

The company should seek theservices of an attorney to draft the code of conduct that would beconsistent with the constitution and the company Act. Similarly, suchdocument must conform to the labor laws and ensure that employers (inthis case, Hatch) do not abuse their office as employers. It wouldensure that Hatch does not frustrate or take advantage of hisemployees. For example, employers are not supposed to use theirresources such as equipments and car fuel to execute their workwithout the company compensating them.


The president (Hatch) may draftsimple rules to be adhered to by the employees in the course of theirwork and their relationship with clients. The rules should specifythe company’s mission and what Hatch expects from the interns andother employees in terms of quality delivery.