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HealthCare Research

Themain aim of this research was to investigate effects of breastfeedingon term infant and maternal health outcomes in most developedcountries. The research used bibliographies of selected reviews,CINAHL, and Cochrane among other sources, which were limited toEnglish-language publications, to collect required information anddata.

Severalmethods were employed in reviewing the gathered evidence and data.For instance, eligible comparisons were used to examine the link thatexists between differential exposure to breastfeeding and healthoutcomes. 15 infants and 6 maternal outcomes were assed (Chung,Raman, Trikalinos, &amp Lau, 2009). Previously published systematic reviews on four of the outcomes wereupdated while either new systematic reviews or summary of previouslysystematic review was carried out on the remaining outcomes.Case-control studies, randomized and non-randomized comparativetrials, as well as prospective cohorts were also incorporated togather concrete and reliable data.Several adjusted estimates wereextracted from various non-experimental designs. All studies involvedin the research were graded in order to determine theirmethodological quality and avoid drawing conclusion from poor qualitystudies (Chung et al., 2009).

Over9,000 abstracts were screened 43 of these studies were on maternalhealth outcomes, 32 were on term infant health outcomes and 28systematic reviews that covered about 400 individual studies. Areduction in the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, diabetes,obesity, asthma, childhood leukemia, atopic dermatitis, andnonspecific gastroenteritis was highly associated with a history ofbreastfeeding (Riordan &amp Wambach, 2010). However, there were noenough good quality data to address the linkage between breastfeedingand cardiovascular diseases and infant mortality. For maternaloutcome, association of a history of lactation and reduced risk ofovarian cancer, breast cancer, and type 2 diabetes was established(Chung et al., 2009). No clear impact of breastfeeding on postpartumweight loss was established.

Inconclusion, the research showed that reduced risk of many diseases inmothers and infants was associated with breast feeding.


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