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Hepatitis B

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis C



Hepatitiscan be classified into three types, which include Hepatitis A, B, andC. The diseases affects the human liver and presents itself withvarious symptoms that can treated using different treatment methods.Causes of the illness include some medications, as well as drugs thatcan be termed as recreational. In order to determine the type ofhepatitis that a patient is suffering from, it is necessary toperform some laboratory tests.

Signsand symptoms of Hepatitis

Symptomsof the disease always present 15 to 180 days after a person isinfected with the disease. The symptoms of the illness can be mildat the same time, a person may not present themselves without anysymptoms. The symptoms include lack of appetite, loss of weight,nausea, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, mild fever, and slight pains inthe abdomen.


Thetreatment of this illness depends on the type each category ofhepatitis is treated differently. Hepatitis A does not have anyspecific treatment. However, doctors prescribe that patientssuffering from this disease should avoid the use of drugs, andalcohol, especially when they are recovering. Hepatitis B is mostlytreated through resting patients who suffer from this illness areadvised to rest and take food that consists of carbohydrates andproteins. These foods are useful in repair liver cells that may havebeen damaged by the illness. For Hepatitis C, the treatment involvesthe use of vitamin B12 supplements. Vitamin B12 is essential inhelping the patient’s body fight the virus.


Hepatitiscan be regarded as one of the illnesses that can be classified intoseveral types. The disease occurs in three forms, which includeHepatitis, A, B, and C. Treatment of the illness depends on the type.