Forgiveness Letter



432Federal Road

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Mrs.Sharon Talia

FederationFamily Centre

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NewYork, NY 7620


Couldyou really address the subject of forgiveness? Although I know how itmay mean to forgive, I have thought how to do it. Believe me, this isamazing, and what I am writing is already making me feel that a heavyload is being lifted from my chest. My wife abruptly decided to dumpme for another person, and I more of felt rejected, humiliated andhurt. I always cared for her, supported her, loved her, and wassuperb to her. On contrary, it is obvious she never had the samefeeling and ended up hurting me terribly. I have no hatred upon you,and I forgive you.

Truly,I have been a victim of retribution fantasies: I always wish shewould plead for my forgiveness. If she did so, I would have taken herback and reject her plea, so that she may feel how I do. The issue isthat, in spite of her unwillingness to talk to me, I am turning intosomeone else that I do not want to be. Similarly, I do not want to bethis obsessed person with pain and vengeance. I want to be super freeof her, ready to lick my wounds and relieve my pain and move on. Ijust want forgive you for all that.

Youmust have had you lovely hands on me as your husband. Like, Iremember there is a time you tried proving to me that you love me.You even went further supporting me financially and sometimes paidfor my trips. Although I knew, you would one time be angry becausethe world believes that a man should always be the provider. Sadly,you were always angry often, including the times you should not havebeen. For instance, those nights you came home late in the night. Youwould ask where food was, and you would get angry when you realize itwas not ready. For real, how do you expect a wife to come home lateand request food from the husband? I forgive you.

Iknow at times you loved me deeply. Despite the incidences andeverything bad you did to me, you would still take me to hot dogssometimes. Similarly, at times you did your performed wife’sobligations. You made me feel I have the best wife in the world.However, I believe it was the devil’s workshop that abruptlychanged everything. It made my heaven look hell without any exit. Attimes, you even gave me great advice. Told me to be true to myself. Iadamantly recall the kisses you gave to me before I left to work.

Iunderstand nobody is perfect, I hope after all that we have beenthrough you have learned more just as much as I have. Your husbandis still here for you. Because whatever might have happened, or saidand even done, you will still remain my wife. I forgive you too.

Draftingthis letter has made me feel optimistic again. It has made me deletemy past urge for vengeances and pain. I feel like a big log has beenoff lifted from my chest. I am more of ready to move on and at leastlook for other ways of healing the wounds fully. However, I may notbe willing to send this letter to my wife. I know it will hurt hermore. Similarly, I do not want to repeat the mistake I didpreviously.