Fashion AD


Fashionadvertising refers to a branch, in the field of fashion, whichchiefly focuses on creating varying promotions for the fashionindustry. It incorporates various ads for shoes, garments, purses,high end perfumes among other products of fashion houses. Fashionadvertising plays a key role in connecting potential customers with aparticular brand, promoting a lifestyle, as well as teaching suchcustomers on how to associate with a certain brand with a particularsocial class and lifestyle. In most cases, fashion advertisers workwith fashion houses and retailers (Phillips &amp McQuarrie 372).

Fashionadvertising has a strong linkage to sexuality, youth, and beautymost perfumes and marketing dresses incorporate women in suggestiveposes. Sexually provocative ads have a high likelihood of attractingmore customers especially men. Some of these ads have been criticizedby certain individuals who feel that such ads are inappropriateespecially when viewed by young children. Most fashion industries andfirms have fashion marketers who work in conjunction with artists anddesigners in the same field to create as well as market newmerchandise (Bishop 375).

Thereare four chief categories fashion advertising and they includebranding, offer or sale, even, and benefit (Phillips et al. 379).Branding incorporate models that have an item that come along withjust the name of the label or store benefit come along with ads thatcontain advantages of a particular product, event serve to promotean event such as fashion parade, store opening among others, and saleor offer extend a certain discount on a good or service with an aimof attracting more consumers and customers during a sale or as anenticement for a specific period of time.


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