Family Social Networking


FamilySocial Networking

Familysocial networks are exceedingly crucial as they help in keepingfamily members together no matter the distance between the familymembers. For instance, through the use of the social media, it ispossible for family members to share information such as photos andcommunicate directly through chats (Lüsted,2011). The use of the social networks amid family members will bediscussed in this assignment in this regard, two cousins that liveaway from home will be discussed. One of the cousins (Taylor) is onthe social network, while the other is not on the social network(John).

Consideringthese two cousins, there is a comparison with regard to what I knowconcerning them. Concerning Taylor, I know much of him because it hasbecome exceedingly easy to share most of the information on thesocial network. For instance, Taylor usually shares his photosconcerning his life while he is far away. Through this, it becomeseasy to know what is going on with his life. Whenever, Taylor has alife event concerning him, it is always easy to know because theevent is usually shared on the social network. For example, whenusing the Facebook, it has been easy to know most of his events suchas birthday, marital status, and events that he is attending. This isbecause this information has always been shared on the social networkthrough updates. Besides, it has always been easy to share withTaylor because chatting on the social media is less costly than usingother communication tools (Ryan, 2011). Indeed, Taylor and I chatalmost daily using the Facebook chat. This has helped in knowing andunderstanding Taylor in a much better way. In terms of relationshipwith Taylor, it has become exceedingly easy to understand him becausehe always shares any information almost daily. I have more contactwith Taylor

Johnis not on any social media, which implies that in order to keep intouch, he has to use other modes of communication. In most cases,John uses letters as a means of communicating. Through the letters,it has been exceedingly difficult to know much about John because hecommunicates once in a while. Besides, since it is not possible toshare much of his personal life through the letters, most of hisinformation is hard to know and understand. In fact, I know verylittle information about John because most of his information he doesnot share since he is not connected to the social network. It hasbeen difficult to understand the relationship with him in a betterway because he does not always share information once hecommunicates using letters, he only mentions information he is askedfor and does not always add something new. I have less contact withJohn since he is not on the social network. Comparing him withTaylor, Taylor is more social than John because he is open in sharingmost of his information.

Itend to believe that the social network technology has become anexceedingly critical element in ensuring that it brings individualscloser, no matter the distance. Although family members may not beliving closer to each other, the social networks such as the Facebookhave been used by the family members as a communication tool. Despitethe distance amid family members, it is possible to chat and shareany information through the social networks (Partridge,2011). With the social networks such as the Facebook, it is alsopossible to know the events that a family member is associated withthis is because the social networks bring the updates to membersautomatically. Thus, it is possible to know much informationconcerning a person on the social networks such as relationshipinformation and how he/she can be contacted for example, it ispossible to know whether a person is married, in a relationship orsingle without the need of asking him/her. Therefore, through usingthe social networks, it has become exceedingly easy to maintaincontacts between family members since communication is alwaysmaintained. This has been evidenced in the case of Taylor, where Iknow a lot of his information because he is on the social network.


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