Factors Affecting Education of a Child

FactorsAffecting Education of a Child

FactorsAffecting Education of a Child

Educationis a major source of socialization. Governments have placed anemphasis on education as one of the major ways of improving thesocial and economic status of their populations. However, educationis influenced by different factors, affecting what type of educationa child gets and what achievements they make through education.Normally, families with high social economic power have access to thebest education for their children. Besides, racial discrimination isa great hindrance to attainment of an education. Families also play arole in education. The three observations that were made from viewingof the clips in this essay include social economic status, parenting,and race. Each of these factors has a positive or a negativeinfluence on education.

Socialeconomic status affects education of a child. A child born in awell-off family is well positioned to acquire a good education. Thefamily can afford a good school for the child, where he can acquirethe necessary knowledge, skills and nature his talents. This enablesthe child to become what he desires in life. As a result, inadulthood this person lives a fulfilled life. In the case of Indris,in “Education and Equality” he comes from a poor family, ofimmigrants from Haiti. He is discriminated in his school which ispredominantly of Americans. In addition socio-economic status of acountry enhances learning and learning experience of children. In thevideo clip “Learning Begins at Home”, the mother is usingcomputer technology to teach her child how to read, an experiencethat motivates the child. Therefore, high social economic statusallows the use of technology in education. Technology enhanceseducation in various ways, including helping a child see things inthree dimensions, hence understand concepts with ease.

Parentingis also a very important aspect in education. A child’s educationis determined by the support that the parents show to the child.Children who are brought up by educated parents are supported bytheir parents in their education. Despite Indris’s mother being animmigrant, she is a doctor by profession and supports her son throughhis education. In the end, Indris becomes an attorney. Parents witheducation understand the importance of education, and go an extramile to see their children achieve their dreams in life by givingthem an education. Consequently, parenting influence a child’slearning. In the “learning Begins at Home” video, the mother isso concerned with her daughters learning at home. She takes her timeto teach her daughter how to read, and make a sentence right at home.The mother motivates her child by appreciating her progress inlearning. This puts positive attitude in the child in regard toeducation. A parent not showing any support for learning right fromhome may not encourage their child through school. Therefore,parenting is an important factor affecting a child’s education.

Finally,education is affected by race or ethnicity. In the United States forexample, the blacks have been segregated in education. In the Brownvs. Board, the separation of Black and Whites in schools indicatedthe extent of racial discrimination in education. Despite equalitybeing achieved after the case, there is still evidence ofdiscrimination in schools. For example, some schools are dominated bythe whites as they are elite and Black children cannot afford them.Indris coming to the United States from Haiti as an immigrant did notcome without hustle. He was often discriminated in school right fromkindergarten. Children also associated him with being poor, since hewas Black. Diversity in education is an important element ifacknowledged. In “A Military Education”, Francisco High Schoolhas the most diverse population with over 66 languages spoken. Theschool upholds the diverse aspects and culture of the children,encouraging them to pursue their courses. Through diversity,education can become an exciting experience. The students for examplework as a unit they do not consider their ethnicity when interactingwith each. To achieve equity in education, there is need to encouragea diversified school environment that promotes learning.

Conclusively,education is affected by parenting, socio-economic status, andethnicity. These factors have similar effect in that they can hinderor promote education. Children from high socio-economic status areable to acquire a good education unlike those from low socialeconomic status. Parents who encourage their children or support themin learning promote education of their children while those who doesnot discourage learning. Finally the discrimination in racial aspectsdetermines a child’s education. Black children are largelydiscriminated in education. It is however clear that, with diversity,education equality can be achieved. In essence, the family, thesociety as well as the government has a role to play in education.parents need to show support to their children in their educationthe society need to embrace diversity while the government mustensure that social economic factors does not affect a child’seducation by providing the necessary education resources for allchildren regardless of their economic status.