Expressive writing



TheDevelopment Significance of Late Adolescent Substance Use for EarlyAdult Functioning

2)What is the theoretical issue or research question that is study isaddressing?

-What psychological processes or abilities are being studied?

Theresearch question seeks to analyze the capability of an adolescentand their abilities. The student sits for the Graduate SchoolEntrance Exams. The understanding does not relate to any specificsubject. The exams measure on the communicating skills, writingskills and the ability of a graduate to think critically.

3)What background information is needed from this study?

-Definition of terms

-Important information from studies/theories.

-References that may be useful

Expressivewriting is a type of writing where one writes about prior traumaticevent. One writes his or her feelings on a piece of paper. Expressivewriting is important since it does reduce depression and anxiety. also reduces health problems. Good health doesboost the exam performance of a student.

4)What are the specific hypotheses of the study? (Include groupscompared, measure and prediction)

Thestudy compares expressive writers and the neutral writers. Expressivewriters gain more benefits both physically and physiologically whilethe neutral writers do not experience any change.

5)What are the Independent Variables? (How were participants or datagrouped?)

-How many levels are examined on each IV? (What were the actualgroups?)

(Forexample: IV=gender…Levels=male v female or IV=condition …levels=experimental v control)

Thestudy involves two groups the expressive writers and the neutralwriters. The levels examined are the experimental versus control.

6)What are the Dependent Variables (constructs)?

-How are the DV measured?

(forexample: DV=depression measured by Becks Depression Questionnaire

Thedependent variables include the performance, the duration ofcompleting one’s study classes and the chance of gettingemployment.

7)Important subject information

Thesubject information is that participation in the Graduate RecordExamination does help in exam performance.

8)What procedures/materials did they use to reach these findings?

Stepby step, what did the participants do?

Theresearchers use demographic information to give the aboveinformation. They compare different works and rate the differentwritings before giving the conclusion.

9)What were the major results/findings of the study? (Hint: look forp&lt.05 in the results section)

Theresults of the study are that expressive writing shows high examscores than the neutral writing.

10)What conclusions did they make about their findings?

Expressivewriting about exams does help to improve the test scores since itdoes reduce test anxiety and anxiety.

11)What new information did we gain from this study?

Thestudy shows that expressive writing does improve the exam performancebut only for some individuals because it does increase anxiety forthose sitting for the Graduate Record Examinations.

12)How does this article tie into the article your group presented on?

Howdo this article and the group article help you to answer the questionyou will examine in your paper?

Whatinformation do we still not know that you will look for to help youwith your understanding and your paper?

Thearticle seeks to explain on how those students who take substancessuch as alcohol do not perform well in their exams. The article andthe group article have a close relationship in that expressivewriting is one way of getting rid of depression(Frattaroli , Thomas, &amp Lyubomirsky , 2011, pp. 1-24).


F.J., T. M., &amp L. S. (2011). Openingup in the classroom: effects of expressive writing on graduate schoolentrance exam performance.London: PubMed.