Events Summary and Analysis

EventsSummary and Analysis

EventsSummary and Analysis

AfterOutrage, Facebook Promises More Checks on User Studies

Facebookstated that any research carried out in the future on its immensepool of users would be subjected to more intense scrutiny from thetop manager. This is especially in instances where the research wasprimarily focusing on individuals in particular category or examinedissues that were too personal. However, the company did not revealthe safeguards it has taken so as to ensure this rather it is simplypromising to treat the privacy of its clients better (Goel,2014).The company had come to intense fire after it changed the number ofnegative and positive posts visible to half-million users so as toevaluate the impact of emotional tone on users’ posts.

Evaluation:It is evident that the issuance of half-baked apology would beunlikely to calm the storm that resulted from the breach of trust.Indeed, questions have been raised regarding the ethics of this studyespecially considering that the company did not consider the impactthat such manipulation would have on individual users. Further,informed consent was not used in determining the suitability of theusers to participate in the study.

JPMorganChase Says More Than 76 Million Accounts Compromised in Cyberattack

JPMorganChase has had over 76 million user accounts compromised by acyberattack. This is undoubtedly way higher than earlier estimatesthat put the number of accounts compromised to the million mark. Thisis a deviation from earlier trends where hackers targeted retailerssuch as Home Depot and Target (Silver-Greenberg&amp&nbspGoldstein, 2014).However, it is puzzling that the hack attack did not result in theloss of any customer funds, which ha s cultivated speculations thatthe hack may have been sponsored by foreign governments.

However,this raises questions regarding the safety of confidential consumerinformation and just how private it is when given to these companies.While it is possible that they put immense measures to protect thisinformation, it is evident that their efforts were lacking in moreways than one.


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