Events in American History


Eventsin American History

Eventsin American History


Socialismis a system of communal ownership and cooperative management ofresources in the society for common economic value. In my opinion,socialism cannot work in the current economy. This is because thesystem does not value personal ownership of a resource as it ispropagated by the widespread capitalism.


Thisis a political ideology with a structured socioeconomic system basedon common ownership of resources, but without social classes(Goldfield, 2004). Inmy opinion, communism is an inefficient ideology. This is becausesince it leads to inefficiency in the use of economic resources inthe society.


Thisis a stateless political system that is advocated by self-governancepolitical ideology. In my opinion, anarchism is ineffective. This isbecause it is based on a dangerous notion that people can be governedwithout specialized state institutions. In addition, the politicalsystem does not establish a universally accepted authority orhierarchy.

44.Emma Goldman

Emmawas a political activist who advocated for political anarchies inEurope and North America(Goldfield, 2004). Inmy opinion, Emma was a political activist with negative ideologies.This is because she advocated for violent revolutions that would leadto political murders that could not be applicable in modern daydemocracy.

45.John Thayer Mahan

ThayerMahan was a famous geostrategist working with the U.S navy in thelate nineteenth and early twentieth century’s. In my opinion, Mahanwas one of the most important strategists in America during his time.This is because he had unrivaled naval skills and expertise that hada global impact.

56.Pure Food and Drug Act

Thiswas the first act in a number of laws adopted by the federalgovernment to protect consumers from mislabel and foreign unsafefoods. In my opinion, this law was important in the formation of theFoods and Drugs Administration (FDA). This is because the actprotects consumers, which is important for a safe and healthysociety.

57.John Dewey

Deweywas a psychologist, an educationist and a philosopher who wasinstrumental in the development of pragmatism and functionalpsychology. In my opinion, his philosophy is important for thedevelopment of personality and good morals in the society today. Thisis because he advocated for democratic development and socialcharacter through pragmatic means.

58.Jane Addams&nbsp

Shewas a social worker, philosopher, sociologist and leader who wasinstrumental promotion of women rights and social reform. In myopinion, Jane Addams was one of the strongest reformers just likePresidents Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt. This is because shelived at the time and she was more instrumental in social reforms atthe grassroots level.

59.Gavrilo Princip

GavriloPrincip was who assassinated the Austrian Archduke FranzFerdinand&nbspandhis wife. In my opinion, Gavrilo Princip changed the world history bybringing nations to war, an event that defined a new era. This isbecause his assassination of Ferdinand sparked the First World War

60.The Lusitania

Thiswas one of the biggest the ships in the early twentieth century thatwas sunk by a German U-boat in 1915 during the World War 1(Goldfield, 2004). Inmy opinion, this ship because the significant symbol of the entry ofthe united states into the war on the allied side. This is becausethe sinking of the ship sparked the reality of threat from Germany toAmerica.

61.Zimmermann Telegram

Thiswas a diplomatic advise sent by Germany asking Mexico to join the waron the German side if the U.S entered the war (Goldfield,2004). In my opinion, this was the event that affirmed the threat ofGermany attacking the U.S. this is because the threat focused onusing Mexico as an ally.

62.Green Corn Rebellion

Thiswas an armed revolt in 1917 in the state of Oklahoma. The revolt wasa radicalized reaction by minority groups against the implementationof the Selective Draft act of 1917 (Goldfield, 2004). In myopinion, the rebellion showed how discriminatory the American societywas. This is because of the law which was insensitive to theminority.

63.Espionage and Sedition Acts

Thiswas one of the laws that prohibited the interference of theoperations or recruitment of the military. In my opinion, the law wasgood for the effectiveness of the military. This is because the actprevented insubordination in the military.

64.Flu Epidemic of 1918

Thiswas an H1N1 influenza virus massive infection which marked a deadlypandemic that killed 50 to 100 million people. In my opinion, thispandemic marked a turning point of preventive health. This is becauseit sparked the need for research to prevent such an outbreak in thefuture.

65.Treaty of Versailles

Thiswas an international agreement signed Germany and the Allied Powersin order to end the First World War(Gill,1996).Inmy opinion, this treaty was the main cause of the Second World War.This is because it was biased against Germany instead of beingsigned to equally stop future aggression.

66.League of Nations

TheLeague of Nations was a global organization formed after the end ofthe First World War, to establish and sustain world peace (Gill,1996).In my opinion the league of nation was formed for partisan motives inthe first place. I also think that the League of Nations was anideological and a glorified plan by the allied forces to dominateover the former central powers in terms of global policy. This isbecause the resolutions of the league favored the allies and wereunfair to the central powers, especially Germany.

68.Madam C. J. Walker

Walkerwas an entrepreneur in America who was made a big business empire inthe beauty and hair industry. In my opinion, Madam Walker should beconsidered as the first self-made millionaire. This is because shestarted from a humble business venture that turned into amulti-million business empire.

69.Jim Thorpe

Jimwas an American athlete who won gold medals in the Olympics in thepentathlon and decathlon. In my opinion, Jim Thorpe was aninstrumental athlete who showed that armatures can be the best in thegame. This is because he was an amateur, who got paid for hisplaying, against the rules at the time.

71.The Harlem Renaissance

Thiswas a cultural movement during the times of the New Negro Movementthat social equality. In my opinion, the Harlem Renaissance was anindication of a growing pressure from the African-Americans fight forequal rights.

72.October 29, 1929

Alsoknown as the black Tuesday, this was the day that marked the crash ofthe stock market in 1929. In my opinion, this was the mostdevastating economic events in the twentieth century. This is becauseit led to the beginning of the great depression in all westerneconomies.


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