Evaluating the Social Media

Evaluatingthe Social Media

Socialmedia has become an important communication platform where manypeople interact and exchange information. It has created a platformfor individuals to create and share information on the internet.Social media websites have given everyone an opportunity to exchangeinformation, post, to network and give feedbacks among other onlineactivities. Social media has helped to spread information fast. Inaddition, it has improved the learning skills in student and improvedrelationship among people. On the other hand it has also spreadnegative information. It has created a platform of cyber bullying,increased theft, unhealthy behaviors and cheating.

Overthe last one decade social media has become a major platform forpositive information, networking, entertainment and marketing. Socialwebsites have provided rich with information that are trusted by theusers. The sense of trust is as a result of being shared by manypeople. Noorand Hendricks (15)observe that news spread fast when posted on social websites likeFacebook and Twitter because of the millions of members they have.For instance, with just a click of a button a person anywhere in theworld can access information being shared. This is because thedevelopment of new technology has increased the spread of informationin social media. An example of these developments includes deviceslike smart phones that help people get updates on what is happeningaround the world anytime.

However,the social media is a tool that spreads negative information quickly,especially negative publicity. It has increased gossip and unreliablecontent to spread fast. It is good to note that once the informationis shared on social media it cannot be taken back even if one userdeletes it ((Noorand Hendricks 26).This is because such information will already have been shared withmany people. Information on social media, especially rumors spreadfaster than good content, and it is not possible to stop such aspread.

Inmodern day, students use social media more than any other internetplatform to develop their online learning skills. At the same time,students search information from different websites as a way ofadvancing their knowledge (Whiteet al 23).Social media helps the learning process by making it easy forstudents to share links to important information. Instead of astudent doing an original search for content, he or she uses socialmedia to get specific links to important educational websites (Whiteet al 27).Due to the ease of sharing such information and educational content,social media becomes an important tool for learning and research.Moreover, student saves time they could have used in making anddelivering hard copies of education material to their colleagues.

However,the use of social media has reduced the creativity of many studentsdue to the sharing of specific content that is readily available. Inaddition, many students spend more of their time on social media andless time on their studies and socializing in person (Whiteet al 27).Therefore, social media influences the student`s ability to generatevalid content and viable arguments. Moreover, distractions fromsocial network have led to reduced ability of students to concentrateon their studies. As a result student performs poorly and have poorcommunication skills.

Socialmedia helped socialization be enabling people to meet withoutphysically being close. Families are brought together by social mediasince members are able to keep in touch with each other easily. Inaddition, friendships have been formed and sustained through regularsharing on social media, even in the business front. For instance,LinkedIn has helped people to meet new friends in the business worldand in different careers from all walks of life (Noorand Hendricks 31).Through social media, such businesses are able to connect and contactpotential customers who increase business performance.

However,the relationship between people on social media may be mistaken tomean an intimate relationship while it is not. People use socialmedia to build relationships and expect higher commitment from peoplethey do not know their character (Noorand Hendricks 39).In addition, people share personal information on social media thatis used by others to negatively exploit them. As a result, peopleform relationships that may not be real and that may not actualize.Moreover, people acquire negative social behaviors from therelationships from the social media.


Itis important to note that social media has positive and negativecontributions to the modern society. Social media conventionallyfacilitates the spread of information through sharing of knowledgeand content. At the same time, social media helps students to learnby allowing them to share educational content and links to academicwebsites. Social media have also improved relationships byinfluencing the way people relate and the information they exchange.However, social media also allows sharing of negative informationamong people. Excessive use of social media creates a dependencyamong students, which reduces their creativity. Moreover, socialmedia is used to build relationships that are either exploitative ormay not translate into reality. This makes the social media a usefulcommunication tool for all, but also a negative platform for peoplewho are not prudent of its use.


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