Ethics in the hospitality industry Unit


Ethicsin the hospitality industry


Ethicsin the hospitality industry is a sensitive issue. From the video, itis clear that professionals in the hospitality industry andspecifically housekeepers are concerned about the wages, workload andmedical insurance. Employers are exposing their employees tounsuitable working conditions and poor pay in a bid to cut costs.This not only lowers the productivity of employees and threatenstheir health but also predisposes the employers to legal action andalso contravenes the ethical and moral obligation of employers.

Employersare ethically bound to safeguard the plight of employees. From thecases, it is clear that some employers are overworking some employeesas one housekeeper reports having to work for over 18 hours in a day.The work also involved is physically draining. This denies suchemployees enough time to rest, sleep, and even engage in their sociallives such as interacting with family. In short, it is inhumane tosubject employees to such conditions and expect them to perform attheir workplaces. Employers are ethically bound to ensure thatemployment adds value to the lives of employees and not the other wayround.

Employersare ethically bound to provide adequate health cover to employees.There are different laws regarding the provision on health insurancecover to employees. From the video, one hotel chain for instance isaccused by housekeepers of not providing medical cover tohousekeeper. This is spite of the high risk involved in their jobssuch as burns slips and other body injuries resulting from theirwork. It is unethical for employers to fail to provide adequateprotective clothing and equipments in accomplishing given tasks. Forinstance, housekeepers from the video claim they tire a lot fromcarrying heavy loads. Employers should provide trolleys and otherequipment to perform certain task effectively. Therefore, there isneed to sensitize employees in the hospitality industry to act in anethical manner in handling their employees and workplaces.


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