Ethics are today worse or better for accountants.

Ethicsare today worse or better for accountants.



Ethicsare today worse or better for accountants.


Ethics also known as moral philosophy, is a division of philosophy thatentails classifying, protecting and advocating concepts of preciseand immoral behavior, frequently addresses argument of moraldiversity. Ethic is a Greek word ἦθος ethos,which means ‘custom, habit’. This proposal will address modernand old ethical behaviors as better or worse for accountants. Themain aim of this thesis is to generate reasons and how ethics aretoday worse or better for accountants. As argued by Mucras (2004),good ethical behaviors are indeed good for accountants while badethical behavior.


Accountingethics originate from the father of accounting LucaPacioli.He was the first person to address the issue of ethics in accounting,which was later expanded by government groups and organizations. Dueto the crumple of the range of accounting services and recentcompanies, concentration has been strained to ethical values acceptedwithin the accounting career. The collapse of these companies wasinvestigated to have been caused by errors in accounting. Governmentsand other organizations came up with strategies to set certainethical standard required for an accountant to qualify for a certainjob. These ethics were later found to be helpful since companies andother firms experience differentiated outputs compared to when theethical standard were lower. High ethical standards made accountantsmake fewer errors in their calculations. Managers use accountantresults to make decisions in the firm. When an accountant makes anyerror in his calculations, he will be less affected but the companyand the customers will be affected greatly. For example, when theresults of an accountant of a certain firm turn out to be the firm ismaking losses which might be an error in calculation, this will forcethe manager to set new strategies of minimizing the firm’s cost andmaximizing profit. The decided plan might turn out to be a true lossto the firm thus affecting it. Accountants may also record profitsinstead of losses during their accounting process. High standard ofethics is really recommendable to every accountant (Blake, 2007).


Withthe further research of the theory of good accountancy, this researchwill act as a basis to students perusing accountancy since they willget required information on the expected standards in their career.This paper also form a basis for researchers would want to exploremore on the same topic (Honigmann,2007)




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Literature Search

Research Proposal

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Complete the first draft

Listen to supervisor’ advice

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Submission of Research Report


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