Epic of Gilgamesh

Epicof Gilgamesh

Theepic of Gilgamesh is a Mesopotamia epic poem. It narrates aboutGilgamesh, the king of Uruk, who was one-third a man and two-thirds agod. He had a magnificent temple tower and a huge city surrounded byhigh walls. Gilgamesh was very wise, immensely strong, as well asphysically beautiful. However, the king started his kingship as acruel dictator despite him having a godlike body and mind. Forinstance, he would rape any woman who struck his fancy in regardlessshe was a daughter of a noble man or a wife of his warriors. Thispoem portrays various themes such as the theme of love as amotivating force, the inevitability of death, and the theme of god asdangerous creatures.

KingGilgamesh was easily moved by love whether it was erotic or platonic.Initially, Gilgamesh was a tyrant king who frightened the Urukresidence. His friendship with Enkidu transformed him to a hero kingand a better leader who understood the needs of his followers andidentified with him. The theme of friendship and love is viewed as asignificant part of life and a necessary component to give life ameaning.

Deathis also another major theme in the poem. Gilgamesh learns that deathis an inescapable and inevitable fact of a human being. During thetrip to Cedar Forest, Enkidu express his views about death toGilgamesh who urges that life is short and no one lives forever.Later, Enkidu passes away leaving Gilgamesh so distressed.

Innormal circumstances, gods opt to be wise and omniscient beings.However, the gods in Gilgamesh were resentful and easily angered.Gilgamesh and Enkidu refer gods as dangerous for mortals. Commonly,they live by themselves, are irrationally, and emotionally behavelike children. Enkidu and Gilgamesh encounter the wrath of god whenthey rejected the Ishtar’s advances.