Entry 1



Tabatawan’s Arrowhead

Dateand Time: 12the October 2014, at 12:30 pm.

Weather:Calm Sunny

Inthe study of nature, we observed that there is a great relationshipbetween nature and the ability of a person to interpret currentevents or the manner in which a person acquires joy in the activitiesbeing undertaken. This is observed when we proceeded to sit down atthe river bank and embarked on a reflection of nature studies we hadconducted “We instantly proceeded to sit down on the spot I hadpointed to, and I to carry out the joke, to lay bare an ordinarystone which my whim had selected, when lo! The first I laid hands on,the grubbing stone that was to be, proved a most perfect arrowhead,as sharp as if just from the Indian fabricator!!!”p 2. The act ofresting near the river bank was a motivation to our acquisition ofjoy in recalling the activities we had undertaken. I observed thatwhen we only focused on a particular point during the study ofnature, we were less motivated compared to when we focused onactivities such as watching the river water, the vegetation near theriver or watching the moon at night. We learned that in the study ofnature it was easy to understand the true meaning when the mainsubject was the impacts of nature on life than when the focus ofstudies was on spirits. We also observed that when collecting facts,there is association with collecting true facts when the focus is onnature than the spirit of the data collector because, collection offacts for the master workmen are like plants growing in the foreststhat put forth only leaves rather than blossoming. Thus, this studyenabled us to understand that order to understand the beauty of theworld, it is important to take a broader perspective.


A Manly anxiety

Dateand Time: 14thOctober 2014 at 3:00 p.m.

Weather:Snow conditions

Aswe took a walk through nature, the observation of leaves and twigscovered with sparkling ice and crystal of ice on the surface of theearth and the change in the scene as we moved on provided anexperience which motivated us to continue studying nature. Weobserved that by moving out into the study of nature, it was possibleto shake ourselves so that we could overcome events such as increasedmusic that whirl most of the time in the areas of residence thusovercoming possibilities of confusion that has never been confounded.We also observed that when we conducted private assemblies ormeetings together or even drinking or sleeping together because thisillusion usually lasted shortly “With a beating heart he fares himforth, by the light of the stars to this meeting of gods. But theillusion speedily vanishes what at first seemed to him nectar andambrosia, is discovered to be plain bohea and short gingerbread” p5. This implies that if we tried to confront confusion through ourown devised methods, it was not possible to ensure the illusion ofhappiness lasted long. This is because our owned devised methods arelike the field of battle but there is no time for activities such asshaking of hands but it is important to exhibit a face of humanity,even in the form of a mask. This quality was mainly applicable in acase such as when a neighbor inquires about the conditions in nature,it is important to provide an explicit answer with impartiality andavoid being strict to him.

However,it was observed that this is not always the case in the effort to tryto satisfy the needs of man and it is recommended that we should alsochant our stanza of the lay in anticipation of invisible soul in asimilar manner that women chant praises to their husbands who are inthe sea fishing until they hear responses from their husbands inappreciation of their efforts. As we continued with our adventure,we observed that plants started springing by the Brookside and thegrim woods did not show any difference in the nature, there was noemission from howl and most people were about their businesses.


Divine Service in the Academy Hall

Dateand Time: 20thOctober, 2014, at 4:20 pm.

Weather:Calm Sunny

Welearned that in theory, the words spoken in church might strike rootand grow but in real life situation, it is possible to observe theirdusky hues. This has enabled me make a comparison of the written andpreached word. For instance, I learned that the human soul is aimedat acquiring the knowledge of God’s word, whose understanding isexpected to be expressed in the actions of an individual. I alsolearned that despite the pulse heat of the chants from crickets, noman has been fazed that there is the need to change their currentperceptions about nature. We also learned that when the Sabbath Bellis rung, it was usually welcomed with indifference in a similarmanner with twanging a canting peal round the world, and it wascomparable to what had emerged from some Egyptian temple. We learnedthat there is a total difference between the creed with which we liveand the written or preached word. “But the true creed which weunconsciously live by, and which rather adopts us than we it, isquite different from the written or preached one” p7. In ourcomparison with the attitudes of men, we observed that they arelikely to hold fast to their creed with the hope that it willcontribute to their good because there is no drag in their sheetanchors. This leads to the conclusion that while we were by thewall-side under the gray stone, bored by the sound of the crickets,the possibility of experiencing day or night is a matter of accidentssince no word so fit to illustrate this disposition of nature as AlmaNatura. This study leads us to the comparison of human soul with abubble on her surface that burst as a result of subjection toundercurrent.


The Pearl of the Bells

Dateand Time: 25thOctober, 2014


Ourperception of living changed from living to just being as a result ofI drifting through the sunny day in the slowly moving waters of thepond. We observed that when the boat moves along the pond, wasstrong in one direction and weak in another. When we made acomparison between this activity and activities of nature, weobserved that there is no haste in activities of nature as it isobserved that natural things happened without instructions orcommands while activities of man require instructions and commands.For instance, we used the observation we made that man is usually nothurried by the setting of the sun and also not amused by the chantingof the crickets. The study also recommended that in order to obtainwisdom, there we needed to be restful and patient but not restless,“The wise man is restful, never restless or impatient” p9. Theresting place of a Wiseman is where he abides while the resting placeof a walker is where his body is. We also observed that those of usewho were aspiring to accomplish particular tasks but did not performin order to meet those aspirations did not succeed. This is becausewe could understand how the meadows and other things were but howthey were as much. This is based on the fact that human being has afreedom of making a choice of what to do such as the profession toundertake and no part of the hamlet should be left out.


A record of My Love

Dateand Time: 28thOctober, 2014


Thisstudy resulted into the understanding of the ability to use knowledgeto bring changes in conditions of living of the people. For instance,as a result of being unlearned, a person may burn the fences with thehope that the forest will stand, but it results into consumption ofthe forest as it was observed that the forest was half consumed andtheir ends lost in the prairies. We also observed that in order toget the attractiveness in literature, it is important to focus ondullness and wild thinking in scriptures. This is because thescriptures are also a book that talks about nature that looksattractive. It was observed that the main theme during the study wasthe love with the focus on only the things that I love what I haveaffection towards and where I have a yearning. I was feeling capableof doing something, yet I did nothing, and I did not have thecapability to discover what it is. With little regard forself-unworthiness which exists in me, I enjoyed a certain amount ofhappiness. This is because according to my observations, the thoughtswe have are those among the dead into whom we arise and those who arearising into our own. This resulted into the observation that whenunlearned man has knowledge, it is living in a luxuriant life but itis covered with mosses and lichens and most of it is not accessibleand likely to be wasted “The knowledge of unlearned man is livingand luxuriant like a forest, but covered with mosses and lichens andfor the most part inaccessible and going to waste” p41. On otherother hand, it is observed that a man who has the knowledge ofscience is like a piece of timber from the yards aimed at achievingpublic works objectives and also provides support for the greensprout in various places but still subject to dry rot. This studyrecommended that in order to know whether we are knowledgeable, itwas important to focus our studies on nature studies.


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