English Posting 1



Nowadays,most organisations are using social media to pass information. Forinstance, Walmart, the company where I work, uses social networksduring recruiting, training and other activities in the organisation.Initially, Walmart CEO thought that social media such as Facebook,LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter would never have a positive impact onthe company. Surprisingly, they all play a significant role inmarketing and human resource departments. In addition, the company isusing social networks to advertise vacant positions, as well asrecruit potential candidates. For my case, I also used LinkedIn toapply for my current position with the company, and they respondedand later invited me for an interview.

Further,the company’s communication officer passes information throughsocial media. I find it to be fast and effective because he justneeds to write on the Facebook wall or twitter and every employeehave a chance to read it. Similarly, employees also have a chance tocomment and give their views on the same issue.


Duringlast summer season, I was an intern with a commercial bank in myhometown. Similarly, the bank was fond of using social media such astwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. For instance, managersmonitored all employees’ comments, and took a close look at thesite to ensure no employee damaged the bank’s reputation. For usemployees, we filed our complainants and gave suggestions through thesocial media.

Inaddition, the bank had a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages thatwere purposely formed to update their customers. In case of anychange such as loan rate, policy change, upcoming events, amongothers, the bank would communicate through these sites. The bank alsoused the sites to recommend and recognise employees. Indeed, socialsite are very useful and are making corporate world easy. This isunlike in the earlier days when information would take days or evenweeks to circulate throughout an organisation.