Elementary School Ecology

ElementarySchool Ecology


Ichose to observe Paramount Elementary School which is a k-5 school inAzusa Unified education district. The observations relied oninformation from California Department of Education website about theschool and from other sites that review schools. A request forfurther information from the school through a phone call was notforthcoming as the school could only provide critical information topotential parents in person.

Availabledata about the school show that the ecology of family is greatlyinfluenced by the Hispanic conception of family as the dominantethnicity of students at 96%. A significant percentage of children inkindergarten are from teenage mothers both single and married.Majority of the students are from low income households with over 85%of the students qualifying for subsidized lunch (cde.ca.gov/ 2014).An interesting observation is a significant percentage of studentsreport to have cousins or siblings in the same schools. This capturesthe strong sense of family among Hispanics. This can be very criticalin creating strong peer groups and friendship networks as childrenseek a new form of identity and maintain existing ones.

Thepercentage of children from divorced families is significantly lowerthan national average but growing. On the school ecology, there arerelatively few incidences of violence reported with only 0.2suspension ratio of the 476 enrolled students. The school rules arevery clear on violence which warns of clothing and color codedgarments that express gang affiliations (greatschools.org 2014). Theschool provides healthy meals to students which is a direct responseto laws on healthy foods in schools. Federal government statisticsindicate that the Hispanic community records second highest obesitycases after African Americans.

Interms of academic performance, the school performs better than thedistrict and state average in all subjects (education.com 2014). Thiscan be in part attributed to the favorable ecology of the school thatpromotes learning. Additionally, nearly half of the students in theschool take English as a second language.


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