Discussion for Preschoolers` Parents


Discussionfor Preschoolers` Parents

Discussionfor Preschoolers` Parents

Asa professional counselor, I will engage the parents of preschoolersin a 2 hour lesson to discuss specific topics about their children.One of the main topics will discuss on the night will be important ofproviding a listening environment for the preschoolers. This topic isimportant to help parents deal with the inquisitive nature of theyoung ones at this stage. Secondly, I would teach the parents aboutthe ability to ask the right questions that will help youngerpreschoolers to learn basic skills in life. This is because parentsshould learn how to ask open ended questions instead of closedquestions to the young ones (Kail&amp Cavanaugh, 2013).Open questioning will help the child to express him or herself andthe parent to listen.

Oneof the most important topics that I will stress in the two-hour classis the importance of observing the changes in behavior of thepreschoolers. In the class, I will spend a significant time to teachthe parent about the need for consistently observing the developmentof the preschoolers. This is because the psychological development ismanifested by the behavior of the young ones at this stage (Lancasteret al, 2010).In addition, I would teach parents how to handle the problemsassociated with stuttering by the preschoolers. This will beimportant because it will help them to be patient with the youngspeech learners and teach them.

Finally,I will conclude by teaching the parents about the importance ofpromoting the self esteem of the preschoolers. This is importantbecause the young ones form an image about themselves (Ateah,2014).As they stretch their cognitive abilities, it is important thatparents direct their attitude and opinion about themselves to thepositive side. By discussing these topics, I will have prepared theparents of the preschoolers on the behavioral aspects, learningaspects and self esteem issues associated with the stage of the youngones.


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