Discussion Board 6

DiscussionBoard 6


DiscussionBoard 6

DoesUnited Megaworks Company need to make a report to OSHA? Explain.

OSHAdemands that an employer should provide a safe workplace foremployees. If a company has employees above a number of ten, a reportin relation to an employee’s injury should be filed (Moran, 2013).In addition, if the damage or disease of an employee is work-relatedand meets the general criteria or falls into particularclassifications, reporting is mandatory. Calvin`s injury meet all ofthe conditions since he broke his arm (that restricted his motion),knocked unconscious, and was transferred to an inspector position.Therefore, the United Megaworks Company needs to make a report toOSHA.

Replyseparately to the two comments/response given below regarding thequestion


Thewriter of the first comment/response agrees that the United MegaworksCompany is required to report the injury to be in compliance withOSHA.Theauthorsupportshis/ her opinion by stating facts. For instance, the author claims,“If United Megaworks Company has more than ten employees, it isrequired to report Calvin`s work-related injury to OSHA.” On thesame note, the author shows good understanding of OSHA’sobligations when it comes to work-related injuries. The authordevelops a precise position to show that the United Megaworks Companyis required to report the injury in order to be in compliance withOSHA through convincing points.


Thewriter of the second comment/response claims that all conditions inCalvin`s case meet the requirements for the occurrence to be reportedto OSHA. The author further explains the requirements for OSHA’scompliance. Additionally, the author states that an incidence must bereported as long as it is a disease, death, or an injury thatincludes medicinal treatment, loss of consciousness, confinement ofwork or movement, or exchange to a different position. The writerfurther asserts that the records must be reported on OSHA Form 300and must be posted for all employees to see. Accordingly, the authordisplays the good understanding of employment law for business andsupports his/her viewpoint on why he/she thinks the occurrence shouldbe reported to OSHA.


Moran,M. M. G. (2013). OSHA`sprocess safety management standard: A proven written program forcompliance.Rockville, Md: Government Institutes.