Developing the Lesson Methodology


Developingthe Lesson Methodology


October15, 2014.


Developingthe Lesson Methodology

Thechapter explores various factors that influence teaching in complexclassrooms. In particular, the chapter captures the importance ofplanning as an important aspect in successful teaching. Althoughthere are many external agencies that influence the curriculum, theclassroom teacher remains the ultimate curriculum planner. Teachersneed to set goals and objectives that would be achieved by theirteaching plans after lesson, week or month. Effective teachingrequires the application of effective taxonomy. Teaching is acontinuous planning process according to learning objectivesexpected. Classroom assessments are vital and should be aligned withlearning, and instructional objectives covered.

Themajor claim by the author is that, teaching is not easy and requireteachers be well prepared, have a teaching plan that is aligned withstudents’ ability and objectives of the subject taught. Theinstructional model is highly useful in facilitating effectiveclassroom learning both for the teacher and the students. Inparticular, the teacher plans and varies the lesson plan based ontheir assessment of students’ diverse abilities. The authorexplains the teaching model using the Saylor’s model of curriculumplan and Blooms cognitive domain. The author uses Saylor’s model ofcurriculum planning to explain that, there are many agencies thatinfluence what is taught in the curriculum, but teacher remains theultimate curriculum planner. In Blooms cognitive perspective, theauthor expounds on the need to understand and vary cognitiveexpectations of students when writing instructional objectives.

Theteaching model is effective and can work in most classrooms. However,all stakeholders or agencies have an important role in developingwhat students learn. The model argument is inclined on emphasizingthat teachers have a great responsibility in planning lessonactivities. In my view, successful learning goes beyond teacher’slesson plan teaching is an inclusive activity that learners, parentsand other education stakeholders have a stake. For instance, teachersneed to be regularly evaluated to assess what they plan, teach andthe students level of understanding on the taught topics. Inaddition, learners input on the learning activity are importantaspects that could improve overall teaching and planning methodologyeffective teaching is an all-inclusive activity.


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