Deposition of Boston Marathon Bomber (Dzhokhar)

Depositionof Boston Marathon Bomber (Dzhokhar)


Depositionof Boston Marathon Bomber (Dzhokhar)

TamerlanAnzorovich Tsarnaev and his brother Dzhokhar Anzorovich &quotJahar&quotTsarnaev are two brothers associated with executing the April 15,2013 Boston Marathon bombings. The bombings ended the lives of threeindividuals and supposedly injured 264 others. On April 20 evening,the intensely injured Dzhokhar was discovered without arms hidinginside boat that was on a trailer in Watertown outside the policefence. He was then put under arrest and taken to a medical facility.It was later stated that Dzhokhar was convinced to surrender when theFBI mediators stated a public request from his previous wrestlingcoach.

Afterthe bombings, Tsarnaev kept on tweeting and sent a tweet advising theBoston’s residents to &quotstay safe&quot (Olsson, 2014).Tamerlan Tsarnaev passed on in a shoot-out with police. Dzhokhar isfacing accusations of utilizing weapons of mass pulverization toexecute three and harm almost 264 others. Additionally, he is chargedin the killing of Sean Collier, who was a police officer. SallyJacobs, Boston Globe reporter centered her investigation on the oldersibling, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and stated that he experienced mentalhealth issues.

Jacobsreports that when he was still a young boy, Tamerlan heard voices inhis head. Tsarnaev described them as voices that told him to dothings he did not like. He was clearly afraid and worried about whatthe voice was stating. Investigators have alleged that Tamerlan wasspurred if not intentionally directed by the revolutionaries ofjihad. Nonetheless, an examination by the Boston Globe claims thatTamerlan was essentially experiencing psychological health issues(Olsson, 2014).

TheGlobe likewise investigated Dzhokhar, Tamerlan`s younger sibling whowas also known as Jahar. The Globe`s Patricia Wen reported thatDzhokhar was this incredible, wholesome child who afterwards andabruptly, almost overnight, turned into a bomber. Hence, theinvestigator`s objective was to try to link the dots between thetransitions of Dzhokhar’s conduct.

Toput the dots together, Wen focused on Dzhokhar`s transition fromsecondary school to college. Wen asserts that when he spoke toindividuals who knew Dzhokhar in school, he started to comprehend howhe became quite destabilized when he joined Umass-Dartmouth. Dzhokharbecame relatively a thrill seeker (Bodden &amp Taylor, 2014). Inaddition, he engaged in unlawful activities to satisfy histhrill-seeking urge. He developed into a significant, high-volume,cannabis merchant. As indicated by his friends, the cannabis businessdeveloped rapidly until when he could make 1,000 USD a week, and evenmore (Olsson, 2014).

Thesefriends likewise reported that Jahar occasionally carried a gunweapon when packaging his cannabis. Wen claimed that it did not soundtrue to him that Jahar was the meek, docile sibling who was advisedby his older brother to set a few bombs. Jahar would not have decidedto use jihadi dialect and set bombs by himself. Tamerlan must havegiven him the ideological layout.

Dzhokharwas failing academically, and he was probable of being kicked out ofschool (Bodden &amp Taylor, 2014). Simultaneously, Tamerlan wasstruggling to make a decent living, and there was a probability ofhim being evicted from his house. Journalist Sally Jacobs claims thatthis was a perfect storm. Jacobs asserts that generally as Jahar hadlost all, from multiple angles, so had Tamerlan. Joining forces was amove of desperation.

Prosecutorsclaim that Jahar downloaded a few radical Muslim publications thatconcentrated on Islamic jihad into his laptop. He likewisepurportedly downloaded guidelines on the best way to create apressure-cooker bomb. The motivation behind the bombings wasevidently political in nature. Dzhokhar supposedly told the FBI thathe and his older brother were furious about the United States wars inIraq and Afghanistan and the executing of Muslims there (Olsson,2014).

Inconclusion, based on this evaluation and assessment, the 20-year-oldDzhokhar could have been under the &quotpsychological control&quotof his older sibling, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was murdered amid thegigantic police manhunt for the pair. Therefore, Dzhokhar should beheld in a psych hospital, a facility that offers suicide prevention,psychological counseling, and drug treatment among other services.


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