Defense Attorneys and Avoiding Tyranny

DEFENSE ATTORNEYS AND AVOIDING TYRANNY 4DefenseAttorneys and Avoiding Tyranny

Membersof the defense bar, especially women attorneys, face challenges inbalancing their career and meeting family demands. It is evident thattoday’s highly competitive legal environment does not easilyaccommodate balanced career and family life because of the hugeamount of work, which forces the lawyers to work long days and extrahours. In criminal prosecutions, defense lawyers play a central rolein building a viable defense strategy for the defendant. Howeverthere are claims that they do this in order to retain their services.Additionally, the defense lawyer must maintain a professionrelationship with the judges, bailiff, and the prosecuting attorneyno matter what the outcome. However, the professionalism andintegrity of a defense lawyer’s is affected in cases where theirethics and loyalty is impaired.

Defensebar has a high, and sometimes morally challenging ethicalresponsibility. The defense attorney must zealously represent theaccused within the law regardless of whether they are guilty orinnocent. Although most of these lawyers work to ensure equal justicefor the guilty, they face various challenges including beingperceived as hired guns and not as advocates (Hall, 2011). The mostfrequently voiced critic concerning the defense attorneys relates tothe representation of a defendant who from all facts available isbelieved to be guilty. This obligation is the cause of some publicdisrespect for the legal profession. However, the defense attorneysdo so to ensure that the defendant’s constitutional rights arefully protected.

Jesus’representation as an advocate on behalf of Christians extends intothe courtroom of heaven unlike that of defense lawyers, which extendto the earthly courts. Evans (2005) states that in 1 John 2:1, Jesusis referred to as an “advocate” or a defense attorney before thefather in heaven. Just like attorneys appear before the judge, Jesusis able to appear on our behalf in the presence of the father.However, the major difference is that Jesus advocacy and God’sjudgment is completely based on mercy and grace, while defenseattorney’s argument and final judgment is made based on the humanestablished laws.


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