Dear professor,


Iam writing to you to asking if you can recommend me for a position ina highly esteemed engineering organization. My name is Jay Brown, andI graduated in 2012 with a Communications Engineering degree. I tookseveral courses with you including research methodologies,communication engineering, and most importantly my final project. Iwould be happy to receive a recommendation from you to present toBell Labs, where I am applying for a research and development (R&ampD)position.

Ichose to apply to Bell Labs because I was highly enthralled by theengineering-related studies that they do for Alcatel-Lucent. Bell isfamously known for the wonderful work it does in the advancement ofradio astronomy, information theory, programming languages, and theUNIX operating system. I certainly wish to be a part of this greatteam as it will help me put my skills into use as well as grow in myfield of expertise. Further, being associated with an organizationthat has secured seven Nobel prizes is something that I definitelywant to be part of.

Ibelieve that you know through our interaction and my participation inyour classes that I am devoted to the field of technology. Aftercompleting my degree in communication engineering in 2012, I startedputting my skills into practice by taking up internship positions andvolunteering in engineering firms. I also have considerableexperience in telephony gained through my volunteering andinternship. My other references will be able to write about myacademic achievements and capabilities, but you are the only one whocan speak at length about how hard I worked in my research work andfinal project. I am hoping that maybe you will mention about how I amkeen to details and how I handle stress well, because those are someof the attributes the selection committee will be looking at.

Thankyou for considering my request and taking your precious timerecommend me for a position I want so dearly. I am willing to presentmore information about me if need be.