David Kim performing Tchaikovsky

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Background information

David Kim performance at Southern Illinois University was as aresult of the existence of the Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestramusic, which takes place every year. Southern Illinois SymphonyOrchestra (SISO) comprises of southern Illinois University, talentedmembers of the society and other performers from Carbondale. In otherwords, SISO is a community based volunteer orchestra in Illinois. TheSouthern Illinois music festival was started in 2005 and it includesperformances from professionals every year who present music, jazz,ballet and other forms of art. David Kim is one of the world renownedsoloist who plays the violin. David is also the concertmaster of thePhiladelphia orchestra. It is worth noting that David is a native ofCarbondale and therefore a great honor having him at the SIUCarbondale campus. David’s Tchaikovsky violin concerto was precededby various activities on the 19th of October. Thisincluded performing with the southern Illinois chamber music societyat First United Methodist Church of Carbondale. Although villagersand non-students are required to pay by the university, much of thefunding of the orchestra is from the SIU Student Fine Arts ActivityFee.

Events at the performance

The performance was preceded by a pre-concert dinner at the FanerHall Breezeway. This started at 6.00 PM and was only meant for theticket holders. The main concert where David Kim was to perform tookplace at Shryock Auditorium. The concert started at the stipulatedtime.7.30 PM with the Beethoven’s “Egmont Overture”. This wasfollowed by Bohuslav Martinu’s “Second Symphony.” David Kimperformed his Chaikovsky’s “Violin Concerto” with the symphony.Most of the seats in the auditorium were reserved for the seasonalticket holders. Equally, the Anthony Hall parking lot near theauditorium were reserved for the seasonal ticket holders. Ticketswere being sold outside the auditorium an hour before the beginningof the concert. SIU students who possess school IDs were allowed toenter the concert for free.

Brief discussion of the pieces performed

As discussed above, the main pieces that were performed at the eventincluded Beethoven’s “Egmont Overture”. This was the firstperformance at the concert. This was later followed by the BohuslavMartinu’s “Second Symphony.” David Kim later performed the“Tchaikovsky Violin concerto” with symphony.


The performance by the soloist was no only special, but exceptional.He is an extremely talented soloist whose performance has inspirednumerous musicians across the world. His presence at the festival wasa huge boast and attracted numerous people. His performance with thesouth Illinois symphony and the chamber music society wasexceptional. The Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra (SISO) has donea tremendous job in organizing the festival every year. This isshowcase of talent on music, ballet and jazz. The idea to allowSouthern Illinois students who possessed IDs to enter the auditoriumfor free was a welcome move. The SIU Student Fine Arts Activity Feemust be thanked for providing adequate funding that enabled thestudents to attend David Kim’s performance. Prior to theperformance, David Kim had an opportunity to freely interact with thestudents. Being a native of Carbondale, the presence of David Kimseemed like a reunion and a home welcome. His presence and theperformance during the concert were an indication that the SouthernIllinois music festival has grown since its inception in 2005.