David Kim background

DavidKim background

DavidKim a violinist was named Philadelphia’s Orchestra concertmaster in1999. He was born in 1963 in Carbondale, Illinois. He began playingviolin at the age of three and studies at 8 years with famouspedagogue De Lay Dorothy. He later earned bachelor and master degreefrom Julliard School. In the year 1986 David emerged the onlyviolinist from America to win an international Tchaikovskycompetition’s prize in Moscow. In 1990 he won a prize inIndianapolis at the international violin competition. Mr. Kim’shighlight of season 2014-2015 includes a return like PBS station inthe U.S and all stars Orchestra’s concert master in New York. Aresident music conservatory at San Francisco a return to France fora continuance of his 8 seasons of Piazolla and Vivaldi project and asKorea tour with an ensemble many appearances with performing artscenter in Japan solo and recitals appearance with Orchestra all overU.S and a week of subscription in February leading the Orchestra ofPhiladelphia with no conductor.

Whathappened in the performance?

Whatpleased the big crowd came after a break, a performance by David Kimthat was wonderfully heartfelt. It was a soloist performance by Kim.The performance was Tchaikovsky violin concerto. If David’s namesounded familiar then he is one of the honored persons in RhodeIsland as he has played there many times. For more than a decade Kimran the music festival and made appearance on the Newport festival.Although his job for that day was concertmaster of the PhiladelphiaOrchestra, the approach Kim-Rachleff at this performance was meant toplay down the technique in the starting stages playing up itselegance and grace. The performance of Kim was soulful and sweet ashe took his time on the first movement cuddling each phrase. Therewas a similarity in the slow movement. There were occasions whenDavid showed off his techniques such as cadenza first dramaticmovement where he hit the high harmonic pitches and blended doublestops. Lastly was the sizzling final that took a blistering pace.Although, to some extent David’s performance was musicianship thana show piece by Kim at the violin concerto that SISO presented.


Bruchviolin concerto- this piece was a show highlight for the afternoon.Another piece is saint saen concerto where David performed very well.Kim portrayed whatever he learnt in school with an aggressivebusiness like and vibrato interpretive manner that is still apparentin his concerto. Nevertheless, the saens performance killed it allwith high tone quality he has developed since he became concertmasterback then. Kim also did this by letting the music flow with comfortthat unleashed emotional content of the music with ease. There wasalso the Glazunov concerto-Kim gave a stunning performance that couldbe rated among the best. He had a smooth time in play technicality ofthe violin. David gave out a luscious tone mainly at the start.Lastly, there is the Brahms violin concerto. In this piece, Davidperformed as a soloist. It was hard to play violin with this piecebut Kim turned around the notion. His single notes were parallel tothe double notes. In Cadezna, David was playful contrary to theconcerto that is not associated to playfulness.

Inconclusion, David Kim is an outstanding violinist who has done morethan it is expected of him. He has learnt to think differently andplay in an outstanding way. Kim stands out as an individual becauseof the quality of his performance and style.