Customer Communication via Social Media

CustomerCommunication via Social Media

Majorproject summary

Socialmedia platforms are becoming critical to marketing, communication andadvertising in the digital world. It has become the center ofactivity in the operations of business in the 21stcentury. Social media has provided new opportunities to share andexchange knowledge, ideas and feelings about various aspects in theglobal world (Treharne,2012).Yankee Candle, Kringle Candle and Bath &amp Body Works use of socialmedia is limited and as such opportunities for increasing theirmarket share and communicating with prospective customers isinadequate. Yankee Candle and Bath &amp Body Works communicationwith customers using social media platform is reasonable, but notsufficient to make any meaningful change to their relations withtheir customers.

Provisionof important information through social media and engaging withcustomers are two key aspects that shape pattern of purchases. Yankeeand Bath and Body works customer communication experience in thesetwo areas is rated as’ absolutely’, while Kringle Candle rates‘generally true’. Nonetheless the major source of thisinformation is the company’s website. Any relevant informationregarding communication between the three companies and theircustomers could only be generated through their websites. There isvery little to be seen from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Blogs. Yankee Candle, KringleCandle and Bath &amp Body Works do not regard social media platformsas an apt method of communicating with customers and providing theirproducts for sale. The three companies use websites to informcustomers on most of the developments in the market involvingquality, prices and location.

KringleCandle is especially poor when it comes to using the internet andsocial media to communicate with customers. Engagement with customersis also very poor. Despite face book, twitter and Pinterest being oneof the best social platform tools to display the unique features of aproduct, its use is very limited. Yankee and Bath and Body WorksCandles are average users. The prospects of using these importanttools remain largely unexploited by all the three companies (Brown,2014 Bath and Body Works, 2014).


YankeeCandle, Kringle Candle and Bath &amp Body Works can use other socialnetwork referred to as Fast Pitch. This provides more specific toolsfor professionals in businesses and is more particular in theindustrial realm. It enables companies to communicate with theirpeers and customers about what they intend to do, what they areoffering in the market and what makes the firm unique. It gives afirm the ability to collaborate and share and exchange ideas throughvirtual trade shows. This is done via video chats, or through Skype.This platform also enables a company to publish content such aspodcasts, press release, videos and news which is geared towardsimproving relations with customers and communicating changes takingplace in the company. Yankee Candle, Kringle Candle and Bath &ampBody Works can also automatically target a specific group ofaudience, by making sure that posts are viewed by the targeted group.

Thethree companies need to have a customer service support page onFacebook and Twitter that shall provide a paradigm of humaninteraction with the client base. For example’ good morning everyperson, trust you had a nice evening we are ready to serve you andanswer your queries. If we can be of any assistance to you, do nothesitate to inform us’ (Treharne,2012).

Ascan be observed from the aforementioned, this is a good effort to tryto reach out to all clients and to treat them affectionately and in arelaxed way. Corporate procedures like the ones found on the websitesof the three companies can be a nuisance of efforts to connect on amore human level with the client base. The conservative attitudeapplied by Yankee, Kringle Candle and Bath and Body Works can hampercustomer participation and interaction with the company andconsequently affect the market share of the company. In addition, itis worth noting that the young generations which constitute asignificant proportion of the client base are using social mediaplatforms such as Facebook, Pinterets, Insagram to reach to differentcompanies when they want to make a purchase (Treharne, 2012). Thepublic wave is moving towards online marketing, online buying andinteraction. In the coming days, and to a certain extent in themodern world, a company that turns a blind eye to the social mediaplatforms does so at their own peril. The Internet has made it botheasy and fast to communicate with people from all over the world andconduct trade transaction with minimum costs.


Inthe Candle industry, it is apparent that the use of social mediaplatforms can be very effective in displaying the unique features ofa product and hence engaging with customers. Sites such as Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest are easy to operate and can convey informationto a large group of individuals in a very short time. Nonetheless,the three companies, Yankee, Kringle and Bash and Body Works Candlehave not exploited this opportunity to communicate with theircustomers and diversify their ways of reaching to potential clients.The company website is the key tool that is used to relay informationto customers. It can be made more effective by providing interestingcontent and features that are appealing to everyone. Social mediaplatforms can also be integrated in the communication mechanism toconnect better on a human level with the customers.


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