Cross Functional Team


CrossFunctional Team

October18, 2014.

IndividualContributions In Cross-Functional Team

Cross-functionalteams provide important flexibility, innovativeness and rapiddevelopment of new products. In particular, cross-functional teamsare composed of individuals with variant ideas, skills and expertise.The Engineering and the manufacturing personnel contributes ideas,creativity enhance problem solving, strategy formulation, andefficient decisions in design specification development. Theseindividual contributions improve work coordination, integration andreduce the time taken in the production cycle. Supply andmanufacturing personnel facilitate in marketing analysis: participatein research, product design development and technical assistance(Burt, Petcavage &amp Pinkerton, 2010).

Inthe market analysis, each member participates in gathering marketinformation necessary for improving the products. For instance, thesupply professional provides ideas on the right distribution channelsfor sale and as well as collecting customer feedbacks in relation tothe products. Supply personnel also participates in customer needsassessment, market sales forecast, addressing customer queries andassessing similar products in the market (Burt,Petcavage &amp Pinkerton, 2010).Cross-functional teams improve the overall productivity and workefficiency. Individuals within teams are motivated by others toengage actively in team activity. Cross-functional teams enhanceproject ownership, and that makes each member contribute actively inthe project success.

Allteam members facilitate in individual’s contributions throughteamwork to increase commitments, easier project coordination andoptimum utilization of resources that in turn reduce costs andenhance more productivity. The expertise present in across-functional group is essential as the different specialist canbrainstorm on the need to make or buy some production components. Forinstance, the project process engineers and quality managementexperts would assess ways of improving and maintaining the quality ofthe product. In the event of new product development, the chain ofprofessionals share ideas on how products components would beassembled make or buy analysis. Supplies professionals facilitate indetermining the inventory levels of the project in collaboration withthe manufacturing personnel (Burt,Petcavage &amp Pinkerton, 2010).


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