Criminal Investigation




Theinvestigations done by the police against the charges of three of theuniversity players were not accurately done. A lot was known butignored. Questions arise due to the evidence that was not presentedto the court and yet it was obtained. The police taking note of theevidence may have thought that some of that evidence was notimportant to the case. The police could have presented the wholeevidence that they had collected and let the jury decide whichevidence was appropriate for the case. The documentation wasoverlooked, therefore giving the wrong verdict. There was also gapsand inconsistency as found by reporters that is on the prosecutionside. This did not help the case because one is left to wonder whythere are gaps if the case was a genuine one. There was disagreementon the defense side since the accuser gave different reports.

Therewas the disagreement on the defense attorney that rape accusationscannot be supported by medical reports which are written. Arequirement of a doctor or a nurse who treated the rape victim shouldbe present to ensure that if any medical questions arise theparticular person will be able to answer appropriately. A nursehowever described to the sergeant about the injuries of the rapevictims where she confirmed it was a rape case. It was against theconstitution to leak information of a case until it is finalized. Theattorneys were therefore warned against leaking information outsidethe courts. They failed to comment to the media as they dismissedthem. Smith who was dealing with the case ordered that recorders andcameras should not be allowed during the hearing. It is my opinionthat this was a case of malice.


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