Criminal Behavior Discussion Questions

Criminology is the scientific study of crime nature, the extent,consequences, control and prevention of the criminal behavior. Thereare different theories explaining unlawful behavior and are branchedinto early theories and modern theories. In this discussion, we focuson criminal behavior theories and their application.&nbsp

&nbspIn the first discussion question we told that the criminalpremeditated his intentions of committing a crime by documenting it,the theory that applies here is the classical theory. This theorysays that the human behavior is motivated by self-gratifyingrationality whereby the criminal weighs the consequences of hisaction, the pain and the gain before conducting the crime. Criminalin our case study weighed his decision before carrying it out.&nbsp

&nbspOn biological and psychological theory in reference to the malein our case study, the most appropriate theory to use between the twois the psychological theory because we are not given detailedinformation about the male to know his physiology. Usingpsychological theory, we can argue that the male had unresolvedproblems from his past that made him turn to being a psychopath. Hehad no sense of guilt and no associates meaning he had difficultiesrelating to others.&nbsp

&nbspRehabilitation is a term used to refer to the punishment givento an offender with an intention of reforming him or her into to gethim or her back into the society to live a crime-free productivelife. The most common rehabilitative program used to reduce therecidivism rates are In-prison Therapeutic Community therehabilitative programs, Inner-change Freedom Initiative and violentoffender reentry initiative.&nbsp

&nbspRehabilitative program in general tends to train inmates`income generating skills as they offer them therapy. After gainingthe skills, the criminal can quit the life of crime and earn moneyhonestly. In addition, those who commit sexual offenses are givencounselling and therapies to help them deal with the issues that makethem commit the crime.&nbsp&nbsp