Suicideclaims Indiana doctor, nurse on wedding night, police say

1Thestory notes a couple who had just gotten married over the weekendturning out to be suicidal. The guest who attended their weddingreception noted the two were not at terms and would not talk. Kelly,the wife, called the police that evening calling for help. The policearrive at the scene only to find the two dead with their sonunharmed. The article notes the crime occurred just after the guestleave the wedding.

Thearticle notes the two to have a deviant behaviour other than what thesociety might expect. On their wedding day, the two were notcomfortable as they would not speak to one another. However, in asfar as they were not talking no one could contemplate a case ofsuicide occurring.

Police:4-year-old brings heroin to day-care, gives it out as candy

2Thestory notes a four year old young preschooler who brings two hundredand forty nine packets of heroin to the day care school. The teachersin the school find the children with the packets and call the policeas one of the child passes out. The story later leads to a turn ofevents when the mother to a preschooler is arrested for having beingthe one in possession of drugs.

Whilethe four year old preschooler have offered the packet of heroin tothe children without being aware of the event, the story notes themother to have been very comfortable offering the bag to the childonly for the bag to end up with heroin.

Feds:That`s no dwarf, that`s a criminal

3Inthis case, police arrest a man who is claimed to be a dwarf forselling the growth hormone to people. The crime notes that he wouldsell the drug to several individuals and most of the people whom hesold the drugs to were undercover investigators. The prosecution saiddwarf man is not a dwarf as per say since he has a height of six footand three inches with four hundred and fifty pounds. He is said tohave sold the drugs of a value about five hundred and thirty fivethousand dollars. The article also notes he would sell the drugthough a craigslist advertisement.

Opitz,the man in question, is said to have begun selling of the drugs afterhe felt his monthly income was not enough to satisfy him. His was aquest to make more money which led him to deviate to his criminalactivity.

MassMedia and Crime

Themass media has been quite effective on its role of showing thecriminal activities in the society just as they are in their variousforms. In the case of NBC TV, there are at least ten hours spent onvarious programs in showing the criminal activities and themysterious situations when they occur. While in some station such asABC the level of depicting crime takes about twelve. The criminalactivities are depicted in a variety of forms through the news portaland creation of movies that depicting the criminal activities. In asfar as they do not depict crime as a deviance, there are someinstances when they show that most of these individuals who commitscrimes to have a different understanding of the true order of nature.However, they also make known that possessing such a trait is bad andthat good will always prevail.


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