Cover Letter




108North Ninth,



[email protected]

21stOctober, 2014


SeniorHuman Resource Manager,

BankersLife and Casualty Company

DearAlvarez Anthony,

Iam submitting a resume for consideration of the sales position inyour organization as advertised in the GlobeDaily.The experience I have in sales offers confidence that I am wellsuited for the position. Besides, the ambitions of working with yourorganization in the sales department make me an appropriate candidatefor filling the vacant position. The skills that I possess are also aperfect match for the vacant position in your organization.

Throughapplying the skills and experience that I have gained as I studiedand while working, the organization will get tremendous results andbenefits. I have excellent verbal communication skills that can helpthe organization in solving problems that may emerge emanating frompoor communication. Through my multi-tasking ability, I will help theorganization in saving hiring resources since there will be no needof hiring another worker for a job that I can be able to handle.Besides, the exceptional organizational skills that I have will helpyour organization in planning and making critical decisions.Furthermore, through the skills of paying close attention to details,your organization will be capable of eliminating problems that mayemerge as a result of not paying attention to details. In addition,from the office support skills that I have, I will be capable ofhelping the organization meet sales target since I understand how touse different communication tools in handling clients.

Iwelcome the opportunity of having time together so that we candiscuss more concerning the position. In case you want to schedule aninterview, please contact me through phone at870-572-4407/870-228-2248 or through email at[email protected].I will be glad hearing from you soon.




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