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CourseworkSkills Assignment


Promotionstrategy as a marketing mix, may take various forms. This formintends to attract or inform change his or her mind on how he/sheperceives a certain brand. Therefore, for promotion strategy to beeffective, proper channels must be taken including marketsegmentation, proper advertisement, persuasive personal selling,targeting specific group and also effective communication (FrostburgState College, &amp Flowers, 1984). Prior study of the market introduces the seller to differentperspective of the customers and able to know what kind ofinformation they need. The reason of conducting a sample survey ofthe market is to be able to capture a wide share of the market hencecompetitive advantages.


Kindof information customers requires

Customersrequire a lot of information from the seller in order to initiatepurchase. He needs to know where about to find the seller’spremises, address and location, contacts or email address, logo orslogan used to represent his or business, description of products andtheir uniqueness among others. Hence, potential customer will befully informed about the product and where to get them in ease. Also,information provided gives the customer choice to compare the productof different companies, and due to the information disseminated, itshould be able to attract customer away from the competitors (Gelder,&amp Woodcock, 2003).


Thisinvolves intermingling with customers directly via selling andpurchasing of the product. Personal selling is the most effective wayto get information from the customer and their taste and preferenceof the product. Seller may be able to evaluate loyal and fakecustomers by attending to each in person.

Formsof personal selling

Salesmen,experiential marketing, trade show and exhibitions and show rooms areamong forms of personal selling. Salesmen personal selling involveswhere salesmen go to attend to specific customer face to facerelationship. Trade show and exhibition involves conducting publicconferences which intend to inform people about the kind of theproduct they offer (Gelder, &amp Woodcock, 2003).

Trainingof personnel

Salesmenshould be trained on how to communicate effectively and be able topersuade customers to buy their products. They should also be trainedabout customer relations in order to maintain customers.

Incentivesearned from sales force-Theywill able to win loyalty of the customers and be able to maintainmore customers in their firm.

Evaluationof selling performance

Sellingperformance is measured by the change in the sales per total stock.If the sales augment, there is improvement in selling performance.Therefore, it is much pertinent to evaluate the selling performancein order to know whether to improve training personnel or to come upwith alternatives of selling (Gelder, &amp Woodcock, 2003).


Informationis passed to the public via advertisement of products. Communicationtends to give awareness of a new introduced product in the market.Also, it tends to persuade and induce potential customers in buyingproducts through changing how they visualize the product(Longenecker, 2009).

Advertisementas a form of communication skills

Ittakes many forms magazines, radio, TV, newspaper, outdoors.Advertisement may transform company’s image in the minds of thepublic by making it look presentable.

Developmentof public relation

Thisinvolves use of press to your advantages. This is through presslaunches, PR events and press releases. This is also vital inpublicizing any given organization.


Salespromotion involves specific practices which tend to bring customercloser. This includes, use of coupon, discount allowances,competition and loyalty incentives.


Firmsutilize advertisement and promotion strategies to their maximum andthey need to know if they are effective. This can be measured throughvarious ways

Salesturnover:This is the amount sold per a given period of time. If turnoverincreases gradually after employing the strategies of promotion andadvertisement, it therefore indicates that they are effective.

Customerloyalty:This is the faithful and routine customers of a certain firm. Ifcustomer loyalty is enhanced, large number of customer’s turnoutwill be experienced in daily basis hence showing the effectiveness ofthe employed strategies (Longenecker, 2009).

Competitiveadvantages:If advertisement and promotion are effective, firm will be in aposition to compete with its competitor hence attracting customersfrom them. Unique advertisement is a major weapon of attracting andinfluencing customers positively.

Marketshare:This is the amount of area captured by the firm. This is in terms ofdistribution of products and services hence being the maindistributors. Market share also looks on the popularity of the firm.


Marketingstrategy is much effective in any given firm. Firm requires choosingthe effective strategy that fits it and helps it compete successfullywith its competitors.


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